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You shouldn't need one of these to get found online
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Knowing how to get found online is important for businesses big and small

If you are running an online business or simply trying to drum up readers for your daily blog, there are a couple of different ways you can actually stand out among the pack. Knowing how to get found online isn't exactly like cracking a secret code, but there are a few things you can do which will draw more readers to your cause.

The Internet is an interesting animal, especially when it comes to being a place that will send your business traffic that could turn into clients or customers.

Be Original

It might seem like a no-brainer to tell someone that in order to get noticed and get found on the online you need to be original and bring a unique voice to whatever you are doing. Finding a way to actually be original is the real task.

One prime example of a site that worked hard to find an original voice is the The organization knew that there were already hundreds, if not thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of news organizations already out there. The Onion decided to become a fake news organization that managed to effectively lampoon our real news. They have become so popular that you are now seeing more and more sites popping up that are basically trying to mimic what the Onion is doing.

It is going to be very hard to get yourself a product or topic that hasn't already been sold or spoken on in one way or another. The key is to find a new and different way to actually sell or speak on the topic. If you are basically offering up the exact same product or service as everyone else, you are going to have a hard time penetrating the market. 

Networking is Key

When talking about networking, we don't mean making sure that you have a good network connection. Though having a reliable connection is certainly going to help you gain and maintain an audience. Networking in the 21st century means much what it did in the years before now except you do most of it online. While people used to go to country clubs and dinner socials in order to meet the important people that will drive people to your endeavors, now its all about whether or not you can get the right people talking about you online.

Social networking on sites like Facebook and Twitter are the number one ways in which you can drive traffic to your site on the web. This isn't just about posting things on Facebook and Twitter yourself. You need to make sure that people who have a ton of friends and a ton of followers are going to take notice of you as well. You can get social networking big wigs to take notice of you a couple of different ways, but you should be prepared to pay a pretty penny on some occasions. Think of this less as social networking and more like the advertising approach of the Internet Age.

Networking can also mean collaborating with websites or vendors who might also be your competition for hits and views. If you are blogging about a particular topic, you might want to introduce yourself to the people who are at the top of that particular field. If you can impress them (and bring a different enough voice) then they might start mentioning you on their blog and they might even link back to you often enough to help generate a following.

Sell on eBay

Obviously, this tactic is only going to work if you are selling a product, but eBay has become more than simply an online auction site. The site is now more of an online marketplace and by using eBay you can actually avoid the need to set up an online store front. As long as you are offering up quality products for a pretty good price, people will find you by going through one of the highest trafficked sites on the web. Once you've established a solid name for yourself through a site like that, you'll have better luck going with your own online storefront later.

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