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How to get people to read your blog

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Tips to get people to read your blog and come back for more

Bloggers think a lot about how to build their traffic. Figuring out how to get people to read your blog is not an exact science. While some bloggers seem to explode into fame overnight, most successful bloggers earn their readership over time. What works for others may not work for you and vice versa. Approach your quest for blogging tips like a sponge with scatter vision.

Some of these tips for getting people to read your blog will apply to you, while others will sound completely silly. Try a combination of things until promoting your blog is as routine as creating your posts.

Tips to get people to read your blog

Read and comment on other blogs
Try to view the other bloggers in your field as colleagues instead of competition. Bloggers with a high readership are not taking readers from you, but they could potentially be a source of growth for your blog. Read other blogs and contribute to the conversation. Present yourself in a positive, friendly way and other readers will naturally gravitate to your blog. Do be careful not to hijack another blog’s comment section with your own agenda.

Link to other blogs and helpful resources
The blogging community grows because people exchange ideas and resources. Plus, outbound and inbound links help increase your Google ranking, which leads to more traffic. This doesn’t mean you have to give away all of you secrets if you’re a craft blogger, but when someone finds your blog useful, they’re more likely to come back.

As you discover other blogs and websites you enjoy, add them to your blog roll. Blog rolls are an important link in building community, readers who find your posts interesting will naturally take an interest in the blogs you endorse. It’s also acceptable to email the blogger you include on your blog roll and request to be added to their blog roll.

Engage the readers you have
Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd. End your posts with an open ended question and invite discussion in your comments section. This may feel like speaking into the abyss at first, especially if you don’t get any responses. Keep commenting on other blogs and inviting discussion on yours. Once you break through the wall of ‘0 comments’, your readership will grow exponentially – in part because you’ll have more confidence.

Post Pictures
People often read blogs during a quick break. Short on time, they don’t want to read a lot of words, but they’d like to be entertained, informed or amused. Pictures are instant crowd pleasers, especially if your topic lends itself to visuals. Consider images your weekly gift to readers, and make them drool.

What’s your blog about?
Ask a friend to take a look at your blog and tell you what it’s about without thinking about it. Do you like their answer? The sharper your focus is on a particular topic, the greater your audience will be. If you write vague posts for everyone you’ll end up interesting no one.

Update often and consistently

If a reader returns to your blog a few days after discovering it and there’s no update, you’ve probably lost her for good. Create a posting schedule and stick to it. Three times a week is considered the minimum successful bloggers can get away with. If you’re feeling ambitious, shoot for 5 posts a week in the beginning, but make sure the schedule is something you can commit to.

Quick tips for getting people to read your blog

*Write Lists
*Write about current events
*Write short, digestible posts
*Submit your posts to social networking sites like Stumble Upon and Digg
*Have a contest with silly prizes
*Use to tag your posts
*Write about timeless themes
*Do Email interviews with other bloggers in your field
*Link to relevant articles
*Take your readers on a journey (My year of -baking, -getting published, -starting a farm)
*Join a Network (Blogher, Lockergnome and Common Sense Media are a few, but there are tons)
*Don’t complain about low readership on your blog

Be patient with your blog’s growth. When you sit down to write your next post, think about one person you’re writing your blog for, probably someone you don’t know, and assume that person will find your post. Give that one reader something of value every time and you’ll enjoy the process of building a blog, which will show.

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