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How can we prevent global warming?

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Here are some tips about preventng global warming

If all of our actions cause reactions, which are also known as consequences, can we not go one step further and say that everything we do today will determine the kind of future our grandchildren will have tomorrow? Where could this statement be truer than in the answer to the question of how we can prevent global warming?

Destructive weather patterns, famines, water shortages and loss of habitat already disrupt the lives of millions on a daily basis and current events mark only the tip of the ever melting iceberg. Preventing global warning can begin by making your home greener with more energy efficient appliances. If your living quarters are already green, make them greener. Thereís too much at stake not to do so.


 How can we prevent global warming?

Here are some steps you can take that will show you how we can prevent global warming.

 1- Get a green education

Educate yourself about how we can prevent global warming. Simple and effective changes in daily behavior are the key to counteracting the devastating effects of global warming. People need to know that energy-saving techniques, many of which take either time, like recycling, or are initially expensive such as solar power, in the end are worth far more than the price or time that is sacrificed.

2- Reduce your carbon and greenhouse gas emissions

 Reducing your carbon footprint has many unseen advantages. Apart from its contribution to the effects of global warming which is occurring more rapidly than it was originally expected forty years ago, this will not only make your personal living space more sustainable, it will also save you money in both the short- and long-term. A green home and a green office are the only informed ways to go in this modern age. Get on the bandwagon and earn how we can prevent global warming before itís too late.

3- Choose more vegetarian or vegan meals

While this might prove hard to do for die-hard meat eaters, eating meat just a little less often could make more difference than you could imagine. This is because livestock create more greenhouse gas emissions than the transportation industry due to the large amounts of petroleum used in creating ammonium nitrate fertilizer for their corn feed plus the cost of shipping that corn to the cattle and then shipping the cattle to slaughter and grocery.

One way you can have your meat and eat it too is to always buy your meats from a local source. Choosing vegetarian foods also drastically reduces agricultural water consumption and land use, and favorably impacts bio-diversity. Food choices are important factors in determining resolutions for how we can prevent global warming.

 4- Recycling

 If you donít recycle, then itís time that you start, and if you do, try and figure out ways that you can do even more. Use recycling bins and composting. Talk about recycling with your neighbors, friends and co-workers because according to statistics, 15-25% of the human population does not recycle. One easy thing to do is to use only recycled paper. This alone will save 5 pounds of carbon dioxide per ream of paper. Limit your printing of emails and use scrap paper or shopping lists, telephone messages, etc.

 5- Use a carbon calculator

This is a good check for maintaining your carbon footprint and making you constantly aware of how we can prevent global warming. These counters enable you to calculate your personal impact by adding up the carbon emissions from your daily activities. Available in many countries, you still may have to search online to find out how to buy one. The World Resources Institute offers an international calculator as well.

Do something today to join in the battle of the war against global warming.

The planet you are helping to save will most definitely definitely be your own!

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