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How to be a wedding planner

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bride in crisis
This bride is in crisis! She should've hired a wedding planner
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Learn how to be a wedding planner by taking a course in special event production

There is slim to no chance that weddings will become obsolete any time in the future. That means there will always be a need for all things associated with weddings, including those who plan them. This is a career choice that is exciting and smart.

if you are interested in how to be a wedding planner.

You can take a course in wedding planning, which also includes general event organizing. When you are not dealing with the 1,001 details of a client's upcoming nuptials, you can organize birthday parties, engagement and retirement events and so on. The world is never going tire of hosting events and going to parties. Thus, becoming a planner equals job security.

Some people do not have the time or expertise to plan and execute an event. Consequently, they hire someone to do it for them. The person hired must have proficiency and knowledge in this ares. Customers look for someone who has been well-trained and, hopefully, is experienced.

Those who enroll in an event planning course may already know a good bit about preparing for a function because they have been doing it on their own, more or less winging it, with no professional training. They want to become more knowledgeable as well as certified, so they can build their business and, of course, more money.

The organizer needs to know how to do a myriad of things, often at the same time, including hiring the best vendors, how to negotiate fees and agreements, locating appropriate and affordable venues, dealing with crises and emotional brides and that barely scratches the surface of their job responsibility. If multi-tasking is not your thing you may not be effective in this job.

The organizer must have every aspect of the event covered and under control. The person dots I's and crosses T's over and over again and has list upon list of what needs to be done and whether it has been done. Organization is crucial as is patience, a creative mind, flexibility and a love of all things bridal or party-related.

When hiring someone to oversee your event, you initially meet for a consultation. You and the organizer may hit it off or you may decide this person is the wrong choice for you. You just don't click. Her vision isn't yours or your personalities clash. The goal is to help the bride and groom or the party-throwers achieve the perfect event. This is only achieved when the organizer and bride or party thrower can ultimately agree on which direction to go.

Some clients require more guidance than others. That is determined at the initial meeting, although what you agree to may change as the event gets closer and the bride of party hostess gets more overwhelmed. Some brides need their hand help throughout the entire process while others want the organizer to be on the scene only on the day of the event.

The organizer assists those involved in making various decisions, which alleviates some of the stress that is part and parcel of getting ready for an event.

Together, the client discuss colors, the theme, the local, food, flowers, clothing, music and every other detail that needs addressed.

The planner oversees decor and design, the set up and tearing down of tables and chairs and decorations, the installation of lights and decorations, transportation of items, dealing with the food service people and musicians and cuing the bridal party when it's time to start the march down the aisle.

Don't be surprised if you see the organizer, in her spike heels, high up on a ladder hanging tulle from the ceiling or arranging flowers or mopping up a mess on the dance floor as she simultaneously barks commands to the person in charge of the lights.

This is an exciting, challenging and rewarding career. Are you up to the challenge?

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