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How to buy a domain name

By George Garza
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If you have to ask yourself how to buy a domain name, then the answer is to start by checking if it is taken - then register the name
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Want to create a Web site? Start here.

Most large companies have their own domains and Web sites. Sites like Microsoft and Google all give you a good idea of what you'll find if you go to their web sites.

What is a Domain Name?

Good domain names give the public an idea of what they will find at your site. And if they are the same as your company's name or brand, they make it easier to find your Web site on the Internet. Some domain names contain the name of the company, like Others are the name of an agency, like Still, others can be the name of a person, like, the magicians.

Buying a Domain Name

Once you've decided to make your presence felt on the Internet, then you need to buy a domain name. Many people believe that they must purchase a domain through their ISP or content provider. It is easier going that route, but it is not necessary. You can do it yourself without any help (or fees) for the service.

Check Availability

You may want your domain name to be But sorry, that name is already taken. You need to find a domain name that isn't already taken. Check on the availability of the domain in question. You can do that here and now. Many domain-enrollment sites have a check tool where you type in the name that you want to register and submit. Within seconds, you will see if it is available.

Registering Your Domain

If the domain is available, you can then proceed to the next step. You will be asked to fill in some information about the purchasing agent. That's you. You will need to know in advance the two DNS servers you will be using for your domain. This is easy to find. Get the info from your ISP or host you will be using. Their two DNS servers will most likely be the same ones that you will need. The registration process is easy and direct.

Hosting Your Web Site

If you are hosting the Web site on your computer, you need to give the registration authority the IP address of your DNS server. The IP address will look something like: The DNS server is the address of your ISP connection to Internet.

Remote Servers

If you decide to host your Web site on a remote server - and there are many companies that will do this - then you can use their IP address and information to help you register.

Building a Web Site

You can design your Web site or have your hosting service design your Web site.


Domain name cost varies. The InterNIC charges $70 to register a domain. This covers the registration process and two years of maintenance. After two years, you will have to pay a $35-per-year fee. charges $35 per year, but charges $8.75 per year.

If you have to ask yourself how to buy a domain name, then the answer is to start by checking if it is taken -  then register the name.

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