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How to choose a Mac

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Understand how to choose a Mac computer by considering how you work and play

You have decided that it is time to get yourself a new computer. You have worked with Microsoft Windows computers for most of your life but have heard that Apple is now the way to go. 
The problem is that you just are not sure which Apple computer you should actually buy. Choosing a Mac is simple, depending on the needs you actually have when it comes to a new computer.

While the line of Apple Macs is not quite as long as the list of Windows based computers, there are quite a number to choose from when you actually go shopping. There are a couple of different factors you should keep in mind so that when you do start looking, you do not lock up and choose the wrong one. Worse yet, you do not want to give in and go with another Windows computer when all is said and done.

As with most choices in life, the first step is to narrow down exactly what kind of object you are looking for. Apple offers a number of different computers both in the desktop and laptop area of computing. You will need to narrow down you choices by deciding if you want your new computer to have a little more computing power and storage, or whether taking your work on the move is more important.

New Macs

We will dispense with the number of older Apple computers that are still available to purchase. That means that if you are going to get a new Mac that is a desktop computer, you are going to want to go with the iMac.

There are basically two different kinds of iMacs when it comes to the look. You can either get a 21.5 inch screen desktop or a 27 inch desktop. Obviously, just how big a screen you want is going to be up to you. In that vein, you are also going to have to decide how much money you are able to spend. The larger screen is generally going to come with a hard drive that will give it more memory but it will also come with a bigger price tag.

Macbook and Macbook Air

When you are talking about the laptops that are offered by Apple, you are basically talking about models as well. There is the Macbook and the Macbook Air.

The Air is built to be lighter and easier to take with you. Both laptops are actually quite easy to tote around and have some degree of ability to decide just how much memory you want. Both laptops also offer up two different sizes of screens and once you decide how big a screen you want, you are going to have to decide what kind of money you want to spend.

All of the Apple computers are going to cost you well over $1,000 if you get them brand new. These computers are higher quality than you will find when looking at a $300 laptop or Windows desktop. Once you realize you are going to spend more money, it is all about how much more you want to spend.

In the end, knowing how to choose a Mac means knowing what you are going to be using the computer for in your day to day life. Are you going to be playing high quality computer games that take up a lot of memory and need a more advanced graphics card? You should go with an iMac.

If you want something that you can work on from the local park bench you need to go with a Macbook. If you want to have a computer in your briefcase that starts up quickly and weighs next to nothing then you need to go with a Macbook Air.

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