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How to clean baby toys

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Make sure that this precious being is not exposed to bacteria on dirty toys
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Learning how to clean your baby's toys properly is a top priority

Your babyís toys have been handled by him and by his older brothers and sisters and heaven knows who else. The toys are looking and feeling icky. It's important to know how to clean baby toys and the babyís gear in a safe manner so that you arenít exposing the baby to toxins.

Itís always wise to wash your babyís toys after heís had guests or if heís had an illness such as diarrhea, which is contagious. Babies put everything into their mouths, including and especially grimy toys so frequent washings are beneficial and will safeguard the babyís health and everyone elseís.

The first step to clean baby toys is to scrub, scrub and scrub again in warm water. This gets rid of the grime and grease that has accumulated and washes away a lot of the germs. You can use regular dish soap or chemical-free cleaning soap for this purpose. It isnít necessarily to use anti-bacterial soap but you can if you want to.

The second step is to sanitize baby toys. A good way to sanitize the babyís toys, which is going to kill off those dastardly germs that make kids sick, is to dilute one tablespoon of bleach in a quart of water. This is the perfect solution and itís not toxic when it is properly diluted. The chlorine evaporates shortly after applications so it is okay to use on your childís toys and on his gear. You can use any cleaning solution that says, on the label, that it is non-toxic.

Another way to clean and sanitize your babyís plastic toys is to toss them into the dishwasher and wash using hot water. This both cleans and sanitizes. Make sure you donít put any battery-operated toys into the dishwasher.

To bleach or not to bleach

According to Dr. Laundry of, bleach is the perfect way to fight viruses, bacteria and germs that result in the flu and common cold. Before your child gets sick and even afterwards give his toys, his clothing, bed sheets and pillowcases and towels a washing in detergent and bleach. Clothing is safely bleachable if its fiber content is 100 percent polyester and even if itís colored, explains Dr. Laundry.

Some parents prefer not to use bleach and opt to go the natural route when cleaning their childrenís toys. If this is your preference combine one cup of distilled white vinegar in one cup of water and wash away. You can put this solution in a spray bottle, which makes the cleaning process easier. The vinegar smell doesnít last. Your baby isnít going to turn up his cute little button nose the next time he picks up his rattle.

More cleaning tips

There are also excellent all-natural, green cleaning solutions on the market. Use nursery safe natural cleaning products, especially wipes, which are great for a quick toy cleaning, and solutions for soaking or adding to the washing machine. These are an excellent option for parents who are concerned about exposing babies to chemicals and traditional household cleaning products.

If your babyís favorite stuffed animals are gross, toss them into the washing machine and add three capfuls of white vinegar and a sprinkling of baking soda and this should get them clean.

If your white toys are dirty, try ďsunningĒ them. This means that you lay them outside in direct sunlight. Spritz some lemon juice on the stains and let the item sit for a few hours, getting some rays. This will clean up the toy.

Of course you could throw out all of the grimy toys and start all over again but, nah, no one wants or can afford to do that.

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