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How to control your temper

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Learning how to control your temper is extremely important for relationships

Everyone has a breaking point at which time they become mad, even horribly angry, and ready to rip out body parts with their bare hands. Sometimes anger is justified. Other times, not so much. Some people have grave difficulty keeping a lid on their rage. How to control your temper? There are things you need to know.

Anger is a normal emotion. Everyone gets mad on occasion. Tempers flare when a person perceives he or his loved ones or property are in peril. Anger is the red flag indicating something is wrong, which is what it's supposed to do. However, there are those who experience unbridled anger, leading to rape and horrible behaviors. This is not normal.

When mismanaged, anger gets the person into hot water. He behaves in an unhealthy fashion and his behavior is counter-productive. Bad decisions are made, regrettable actions are taken and nasty consequences must be faced.

Think about it: Why are you fill with rage simply because someone is riding the bumper of your car? Yes, it is annoying but it does not mandate road rage on your part, which can have deadly ramifications. The next time you are about to burst a gasket on the highway, take a deep breath, count to 10 slowly and think about how utterly ridiculous your over-reaction is. What difference does it make that he's on your bumper? None. You will get where are you are going eventually, and won't be in a fury when you get there if you can avoid the rage in the first place. Save your anger for those times when it is truly needed.

When continually angry, this takes its toll on a person's physical and mental health as well as on the people around him. Flying off the handle can get you fired, a trip to divorce court or even hauled off in a paddy wagon. People do stupid things when they can't control their fury.

If you find you are mad most of the time, consider getting regular exercise. When a person engages in physical activity this prompts the release of chemicals in the brain, making the person less stressed and happier, so he is less likely to be combative.

In life there are going to be things that drive you crazy, such as the condition of your daughter's bedroom. Instead of getting into a frenzy over this, simply shut the door to the room and ignore it. Pick your battles carefully. If you know World War III will erupt if you approach her about her room, let it slide. Perhaps you can benefit from professional advice on how to deal with the situation so you aren't continually in a state of anger over it.

When in a situation you know from experience is going to cause you to flip your lid, choose to walk away. Leave. You do not have to engage. Restraint is a wonderful thing. it is not imperative to get in the last word.

Those with anger issues pay the price. Their temper gets them into terrible jams. Do not be one of these people. Attend an anger management class if necessary or talk with a therapist to discover the root of your unrestrained anger and how to manage it.

Anger can kill you

Most are aware of the physical and psychological benefits of laughter; uncontrolled anger has the opposite effect upon the body and brain. Anger prompts the release of cortisol, which is a stress hormone. When cortisol levels are too high this has numerous negative effects including inhibition of thyroid function, blood sugar disparity, susceptibility to constant inflammation a decline in bone density, suppression of the immune system, increased blood pressure, impaired brain function and slower metabolism. Anger takes its toll.

Get a grip on your emotions as soon as possible. Do not set yourself up for an early death because you've spent years being angry and, as a result, have ruined your health.

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