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How to discover your talents

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Your secret talent may be staring you right in the face
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How to discover your talents requires paying some attention to what you do well

Suffice it to say, if a person never does anything beyond what he is already doing, heís not going to reach his full potential. How to discover your talents? This requires stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring unfamiliar avenues. 

What piques your curiosity? Do you like flowers? Maybe you are a master gardener at heart and just donít know it. Are you drawn to music? Learn to play an instrument or how to write melodies or lyrics. Nashville may be in your future.

Often, a person stumbles upon his hidden faults by venturing where he hasnít gone before. A trip to Mexico lights a fire for language and culture in your belly. Attending a Broadway show prompts you to take acting lessons or join a dance class.

The greatest surprise is when a person discovers he has a facility for something he was previously unaware of.

College students should be encouraged particularly during their first year to explore areas outside their intended field of study. Broadening oneís horizons makes for a well-rounded individual. The college freshman may discover he wasnít destined to be a math teacher after all. Archaeology is his thing.

Parents are instrumental in helping their children discover their innate aptitudes. Exposure to lots of different things including various people, a multitude of hands-on toys, events, scenarios, venues, occasions and conversations gives the child an opportunity to find his niche.

A child is like a sponge. He absorbs what is around him. He sees, hears, feels and touches. Early on he starts displaying areas of particular interest to him. Pounding on pots and pans may be a sign that drumming is in his future. However, the child that has no exposure to anything other than a television set he is not going to discover his endowments.

Every person has a talent and may unknowingly use it daily. If you are an excellent communicator and regularly communicate important messages to others that benefit and help them personally or professionally consider parlaying this ability into a paying job in marketing or communications or even as a therapist or counselor. 

Not everyone is adept at communicating. In fact, some are absolutely miserable when it comes to this. Take what you naturally possess and transform it into a paying job.

Sometimes people canít see the forest for the trees and it takes an objective outsider to point out their secret abilities.

People frequently stumble upon their talents, particularly the weird ones, accidentally. Take for instance Daisy Nolz, who learned origami at a young age. One day while bored she decided to fold origami with her feet and discovered she could do it. Itís fun when a person has the ability to do something out of the ordinary. Sometimes it gets them on TV shows and makes them a lot of cash. Sometimes it's just fun.

Do your parents and teachers get on you for talking too fast? Parlay this ability into a paying job. You can be the paid spokesman who talks really fast at the end of a commercial, citing disclaimers and what not.

Is your nose hypersensitive? Can you identify smells immediately and correctly even when no one else can smell them? Perhaps you are headed for a job in the perfume industry as a "nose."

College scholarships are available for prospective students that have strange talents. If you are the best pig caller in the county, this could earn you a scholarship.

Don't mistakenly assume everyone has the same abilities that you have. Do not take your gifts for granted. When you can do possess a knack which no one else has this sets you apart. It may mean that you are life of the party or it can mean that you are going to get the best, most interesting and highest paying jobs because you are extremely talented. If it's a weird gift, that's okay.

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