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How to hang a tv

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Wall mounted televisons are worth the effort
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Wall placement is easy when you know how to hang a tv

First, the good news; you either have or intend to get one of those 16 feet in width, HD-3D flat panel plasma televisions. This is going to be exciting, sort of like having a drive-in movie theater in your living room.


Now, the bad news; youíve got to figure out how to hang a tv without fear of it crashing down in the middle of your favorite reality show. One option of course is to pay to have it done; there are folks out there who do this sort of thing professionally. The other is to bust out your best Bob Vila impression and do it yourself.


Itís not necessarily easy, in spite of what the ďeasy to followĒ directions that come with the aforementioned drive-in-like television say. But itís not reinventing the wheel either. So with that said, follow these step-by-step instructions and youíll be able to enjoy your new wall mounted tv without fear.


Step 1

If you donít already have one, drop by your nearest home improvement or hardware store and pick up a stud finder. These handy little gadgets will help you locate the studs, or beams hiding behind your drywall. These new fangled tvís are heavy, so youíll need the additional stability.


Step 2

Mount the bracket that came with your new television to the wall at the pre-marked spots youíve made on the wall that align with the studs. These are usually flat, metal pieces with a bevel-like edge both top and bottom (youíll see why shortly). If your television did not come with the correct bracket for your wall space, or you want a special wall mount, like a retractable, low-profile or tiltable mount, purchase one at a specialty store.


Usually, when youíre figuring out how to hang a tv, youíll want to use the screws and bolts that come with the set. These tend to be what those in the know call lag bolts and are specially designed for heavy duty uses; like hanging car-sized television sets on walls. Once it's on, give it a good shake and pull to make certain its there to stay. If you notice any wobble or movement at all, youíre not done securing the bracket to the wall. This thing should be stuck on there like Steadman to Oprah.


Step 3

Your new tv set comes with two brackets, and now itís time to attach the second to the back of the tv. As with the wall mounted bracket, make darn sure that thing is on there good and tight, with no wiggle or wobble.


Step 4

Now, grab a buddy or two and lift the set up until the bracket on the wall and the bracket on the tv are aligned. Again, these things can get pretty heavy and youíll need to get the brackets just right for them to attach. If youíve ever hung a picture or painting using similar type brackets, thatís how you hang a tv as well.


The two brackets will lock in place once their aligned and connected, and now youíre just about done. One final test to make certain all is safe and sound is all thatís needed. Push down on the top, not too hard of course; I mean you donít want to hang from the thing, just make sure itís secure.


Voila! Now youíre ready for some popcorn, your favorite beverage and the big game cuzí itís movie night!

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