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How to keep high heels on

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Someone is slipping out of their high heels
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Keep high heels on by adjusting size straps and using orthotics

High heels make legs - calves, in particular - look great and flatter most any outfit. A woman looks taller and leaner when wearing heeled shoes. When gals get decked out, they usually slip their feet into high heels because they know the value of adding them to their ensemble.

However, there is sometimes a problem of how to keep high heels on.

Some find their feet slipping out of their footwear as they walk. Heel grips may be the answer. Adhere the grips inside the shoe in the heel area and this helps prevent foot slippage.

Heels guards are another option. They fit into the back of any kind of shoe and lessen friction, thwarting blisters.

Heel liners are available. The liners are self-adhesive and cushioned, preventing the foot from slipping out of the shoe. They also stop the foot from rubbing against the back of the shoe creating blisters. Additionally, the heel liners moves the foot forward just a bit which gives a more secure fit.

Some possess mismatched feet: One foot is longer than the other. Purchase shoes that fit the longer foot and put heel liner inserts into the other shoe so it fits the smaller foot.

Consider putting cushions in the ball of the shoe that prevent the foot from sliding to the front and which provide support to the ball (bottom) of the foot, where most stress occurs. You get comfort and support as well as an anti-slip solution.

These cushions protect the front of the foot and make any closed-toe shoe feel more comfortable. Cushions are often made of fabric and gel, which provides padded protection for the ball of the foot and the toes.

Insoles provide shock absorption when placed inside footwear. They they also give support and keep feet energized. Back and knee pain is relieved. Try them out. You will be delighted by the results and how good your feet feel.

Thin silicone pads can be placed over the toes. They cushion the forefoot making walking and standing, regardless of the shoe type, much more comfortable.

Do sling back shoes come off? Buy sling back liners that are nude-colored in the back and can't be detected.

Another suggestion is wearing platform style rather than stiletto heels. The platform provides more support for the foot and body and isn't as stressful on the balls of the feet. You still get height but your feet stay in place.

Pumps are heeled shoes but not as high as stilettos. They are easier to wear and much easier to keep on. Try out a pair.

Things to consider ...

Do not wear high heels all the time. Give your feet a break. As beautiful and sexy as these shoes are they can do a number on your feet, causing foot and back pain.

If you are determined to wear high heels, start with a three-inch boost. Gradually go higher if you like. Keep in mind a heel above one- or two inches is going to shove the foot to the front of the shoe, crunching your toes. You may need to buy a larger size to accommodate this.

When wearing shoes with two- to 3.5 inch heels you may need to increase the size of the footwear by 1/2 size. If you go even higher to four- to six inches you may need to get shoes that are one full size bigger than what you normally wear. For shoes with heels that are 6.5 inches (egads!) go up 1.5 sizes.

You may find open-toes shoes are more comfortable because the toes don't get squashed.

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