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How to make your dog's coat shine

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It's not just about brushing
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Knowing how to make your dog's coat shine starts with your dog's health

Pardon the pun, but dog people are special breeds in themselves. They love their pets to distraction, sometimes treating them like people. Some even dress them up in cute little outfits.

Regardless of what they wear, dogs need to start with a healthy coat if they are going to be able to pull off that Halloween cape or even a jaunty sweater for that walk to the corner store. Here are a few ways to make your dog’s coat shine.


A healthy coat starts from within. Any living thing needs lots and lots of water and it is no different with dogs. Water pushes nutrients as well as waste through the system. The less waste matter in the dog’s system, the less chance there is of illness.

What does this have to do with the dog’s coat? A shiny coat is the best indicator of good health. When the dog’s coat does not look right, chances are there is something wrong with the dog.

Good Food

To keep your dog healthy, you have to feed him well. Dog food comes in many forms, from the hard variety to canned soft food. You can find top-shelf dog food in the chain pet stores, but many of the every day varieties found in your local grocery store will do fine. The key ingredients to make your dog’s coat shine are essential fatty acids found in virtually all dog foods. 

If you want to add to your dog food for a healthy and shiny coat, you can add safflower or sunflower oil to your dog’s food at each meal. About one teaspoon for a small dog and one tablespoon for a larger dog according to Dawn Logas, DVM, a diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Dermatology.


Keep your dog’s coat free of tangles and debris. It looks messy, but more than that. It may make the dog itchy and uncomfortable as well. A de-matting product helps to detangle longer hair. It also strengthens hair eliminating breakage and static. Fewer tangles on your dog’s coat help to make your dog’s coat shine. A de-matting product makes the process that much quicker by conditioning as you work.


Some dogs may experience periods during which they lack the proper nutrients due to illness or poor nutrition. When a vet’s visit is not in order or you have already visited your veterinarian and know which supplements you need, try having your pet supplies delivered. Dermaquin Liquid contains those essential fatty acids mentioned above to help keep your dog’s coat as healthy as the rest of his body in optimum condition.

Time for Fun

While there are all sorts of products to help make your dog’s coat shine, there is nothing healthier than a happy dog. Dog treats, bones, chew toys and more are a great way to keep your dog in great shape with healthy treats, so don’t forget to enjoy some time out with your pooch! Just as with humans, happiness leads to good health.

A dog’s coat is a good indicator of his health and well-being. Take care to make your dog’s coat shine by keeping him hydrated and well fed and the rest will follow. Who knows? His coat may be so beautiful that he will not need that snazzy sweater anymore.

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