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How to play backyard basketball

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Backyard basketball
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Play backyard basketball best on a driveway court or new basketball court

Some of the best times kids (and adults) can have is through sports. With the ability to play backyard basketball, one can get exercise, have fun, stay fit, and hone their skills. The practice time is essential for those looking to become better players. In the end, though, it's the time outdoors, with friends, family, or by yourself, that you'll remember long after your NBA hoop dreams have faded.

Basketball is a sport that is fun no matter how it's played. To become better, one must practice diligently and work hard toward their individual goals. With a court right in your yard, it's simply a case of heading outside to shoot and get a little exercise in the process.

Below, we'll take a look at potential avenues towards building a new court, as well as ways in which one can improve their basketball game in the process.

First, You Need a Court

There are two basic ways for you to build a court if you're looking to do the manpower part yourself; either construct it from scratch or use a DIY (do-it-yourself) kit to assemble it. According to, in order to build your own court, you'll need a goodly amount of carpentry skills and general construction know-how in order to complete the project. Try to find a flat space in your yard, or in the driveway (if necessary), to begin the process.

It will help to save money, most definitely, yet if you don't have the necessary know-how to get it done, it can be fairly taxing to complete. While it will allow you free reign to paint and measure accordingly, the difficulty factor of building a court from scratch needs to be taken into consideration before you begin.

For the DIY kit, the assembling time is simplified and you'll need to follow directions to complete the project. Now, with all this being said, there are other options for those looking to cut out the labor intensive practices of building one's own court. There are stand-alone (portable) hoops that can be placed on drive-ways or in yards. There are companies that will install hoops for you, as well.

Thus, there are a variety of options open to those looking to play backyard basketball. One can do it themselves, work with a guide to help them, buy a portable hoop, or have a company help to install the system in their back- or front-yards.

Second, You Need to Learn How to Play the Game

Fortunately, there are hints, tips, videos, tutorials, best practices, and more, for the prospective player. Sites such as How To Play Better Basketball (pay) or videos for beginning players (free) can help to propel them toward a better skill-set.

In truth, if one were to Google tips to become a better player, they'd be given 238 million results. And these are just online items. One can search out parents, coaches, friends, teachers, and older siblings in order to help them learn the basics of shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding, and more.

In essence, once someone has the base knowledge of the important parts of both the game and the mechanics necessary to play, it's about practice time and effort level. The court can be a haven for players to work on new moves, shooting, free throws, three-point attempts, rebounding, and more.

Invite friends over for a quick game of three-on-three. Just head outside to practice shooting by yourself. Work with a parent or sibling in order to work your game to a whole new level. In the end, it should be as much about fun and health as anything else.

Any time you step on that nearby court, you'll be giving yourself a chance to improve your game, get some great exercise, and (most importantly) have some fun in the process.

Resources: How to Build a Better Basketball Court Yourself. Tips on Building a Backyard Basketball Court.

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