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How to take a digital photo

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Digital camera
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Learn how to take a digital photo -- it is a simple way to preserve memories

How to take a digital photo? With today's technology -- and depending upon the brand and model of digital camera you decide upon -- there can be a learning curve involved. Fortunately, there are resources available with guides, how-to's, manuals, and more.

For beginners, we'll provide some good resources, as well as potential camera choices. Below, we'll delve into different types of cameras, a simple step-by-step of how to use a basic model, and provide links to sites which will help you to become a much better picture taker.

What Are Your Camera Choices?

First, what are some of the different types of cameras available? At most camera stores you can choose from:
  • Digital SLR Cameras -- DSLRs are normally used by professionals in the business, as well as enthusiasts looking to snap that perfect picture
  • Compact ILC Cameras -- The ILC variety of camera will be a sort of go-between for the pro DSLR camera and the more basic point and shoot camera
  • Point&Shoot Cameras -- These will be your beginning line of cameras that are known for their ease of use, affordability, and convenience to carry on whatever your next adventure happens to be
The Most Basic Level

Here's a quick how-to for digital camerawork:
  • Turn the camera on by pressing the ON/OFF button at the top
  • Wait for it to load; for different cameras, there will be unique sets of buttons
  • Be sure to read your manual to find out how to adjust settings, operate the menu, and more
  • On most cameras, there will be a LCD display on the back end

  • Use the zoom button to frame the picture properly
  • The photo button will always be on the top right of your camera
  • Hold the camera still, tell your people to say cheese, and press and hold the button until there's a flash
  • You can then view your picture on the LCD screen; use your manual in order to understand the function of each of the buttons available
  • You may then use your USB connector to attach to your computer and upload your pictures onto its hard drive

Now, this is a simple set of guidelines for use of your new camera. Below, we'll look at sites that offer tips on how to become a better camera operator.

Ways To Snap Better Pictures offers insights into many different facets of taking pictures. They give users the chance to answers questions of:
  • Top five photo mistakes
  • Transferring from your camera to a computer
  • Lighting basics, and more

HP offers ideas, as well, on printing pictures, editing, archiving pics, camera buying guides, and what's new in the industry. It's a pretty nice site for beginners and pros alike.

At, Patrick Miller and Dave Johnson offer a whole slew of ideas on how to become a better picture taker. There are links on their page to proper composition, tips for improving exposure, shooting silhouettes, taking pictures during twilight, and so much more.

Thus, how to take a digital photo can be a simple process with the right camera. Or, it can be something that needs time, effort, and a fundamental knowledge base of some of the more advanced models available.

Either way, the fun is in the process. When you print out your newly snapped pictures, you'll be happy you took a few moments to learn the best practices around. And so will your picture subjects!

Resources: Take Better Photos: Digital Photography Tips and Ideas. Take Better Photos With Your Digital Camera.

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