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Find the best contractor or service through reviews.
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Consumer-driven reviews help you hire contractors

If you own a house, you know what a money pit it can be. Pipes can leak, shingles can become loose or you might need an electrician for a broken wall outlet. Sometimes bigger items need to be fixed such as retaining walls that are falling or an old tree that is sick and is in danger of falling down. One of the big problems homeowners have is finding the right contractor for the job especially if you have just moved to a new place. That is where Angie’s List is helpful.

An innovative website

Angie’s List provides doctors reviews and contractors ratings to homeowners and anyone looking for quality contractors, doctors or any other type of service. The best part is that Angie’s List’s reviews contain information that is verified for accuracy. In other words, you cannot just hate someone and write a bad review or write a good review of your own company. 

How it works

For a modest membership fee of about $7.50 per month, members receive discounts on local services, live support through their call center, access to their Complaint Resolution Team and their award-winning magazine. Because it is supported by membership fees, Angie’s List is consumer-driven which allows it to function without advertising. The best part is that if you do not like it, they refund your fee 110%. Now that’s a guarantee!

When you need a contractor, service, doctor (almost anything you can think of), you simply search Angie’s List online, or make a request via phone or fax. After service has been rendered, Angie’s List asks that you come back and write a quick review about it – what you liked, did not like, any problems or kudos, etc. If a company gets a bad review, the problem is immediately addressed by the Complaint Resolution Team and the company has a chance to fix the problem. Both parties are encouraged to report back to the membership after the problem has been resolved. This ensures that both sides of the story are presented to the consumer fairly.

Angie’s List is a consumer-driven, membership-based website that provides unbiased reviews of contractors, doctors and services. If you need something, but do not know who to hire for the job, Angie’s List should be your first stop. For such a modest fee, you cannot go wrong.

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