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How to use the laundromat

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Who says you can't have fun and find romance at the laundromat?
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How to use the laundromat to wash and dry your clothing and linens

You are a dorm-living college student and for the first time ever have to do your own laundry, or you have moved into an apartment not equipped with a washer of dryer. Hence, you must venture to the laundromat. (We can hear you whining.) How to use the laundromat?

First off, check your attitude at the door. You have to do this, so try and make it an enjoyable experience. Take a book or Kindle, or iPad or something to occupy yourself while waiting for your clothing to wash and dry. It does not have to be torture.

  • Locate a laundromat; the closer the better, particularly if you are on foot
  • Take a roll of quarters with you
  • Bring detergent and softer in small recyclable laundry containers
  • Take laundry baskets and bags in which you transport your dirty and clean clothing to and from

Save time by sorting your laundry (darks versus lights) before venturing out. When you arrive at the facility, read the posted rules and abide by them. Read the instructions on the washer and dryer.

Look inside the washer. Are there articles of clothing left behind? If so, remove them and place them where they can be found by the person who forgot them.

Some patrons opt to spray the inside and top of the washing machine with disinfectant cleaner. Wipe it off the top when finished.

Be careful not to use water that is too hot because this can lead to shrinkage and color bleeding.

If using a front-loading washer, you need 50 percent less laundry detergent than when using a top-load washer.

Do not jam too many clothes into a front-load washer because it works far more efficiently with less clothing in it.

If the lid of the washer or dryer pops open during the cycle this means there is too much stuff crammed inside the machine. Remove some of the clothing and redistribute the remaining items so the machine maintains its balance and doesn't shimmy.

Some laundry aficionados recommend adding fabric softener during the rinse cycle and not before then. It may not be as effective if added earlier in the wash cycle.

Never pour bleach directly onto clothing. Either use the bleach dispenser located inside the washing machine or pour bleach into the water before adding clothing. Do NOT add bleach after the clothes are already in the machine because you will end up with bleach spots on the items.

Water temperature

It's okay to wash white clothing in hot water; rinse in cold H20. Other colors should be washed in warm water and rinsed in either cold or warm water. Delicates need washed and rinsed in cold water. Permanent press items are washed and rinsed in cold water.

Before placing items in the dryer, check the lint trap. It may need cleaned out.

Do not leave the premises for an extended period of time. This is inconsiderate. Other patrons can't use the washer because your wet clothing is still in it; same goes for the dryer. Someone is apt to toss your clothing into a heap, causing them to wrinkle. Furthermore, someone may walk off with your items.

Do not perceive a trip to the laundromat as torture. It doesn't have to be. You can make good use of the time. You can study, read, listen to music, talk to the other patrons --- many romances have begun in the laundromat -- talk on the phone, text your friends. Hey, call your mother! She will appreciate hearing form you.

Do not leave a mess behind. Clean up after yourself. Be considerate of the other patrons.

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