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How to wear colored tights

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colored tights
Colored tights ... BRIGHT this way!
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Wondering how to wear colored tights? Just about any way you want to will work!

Many fashionistas agree one of the best inventions ever was the creation of tights. Yes, dancers have worn them for years as a part of their work-out and performance gear. However, somewhere along the way, the ease and joy (as well as the prettiness) of wearing tights segued into the mainstream and non-dancers routinely include them as a part of their daily wardrobe.

For the style-conscious, the question may be how to wear colored tights? Just about any way you want to is the easy answer!

Tights keep you snugly warm in the winter, which means you do not have to stop wearing your mini skirts when the temperature dips. Slip into a colored pair of leg wear under your short skirt and you are good to go. Combine the leg wear and skirt with knee-high, above-knee or ankle length boots to finish off the look. You look chic and you're warm. Now that's killing two birds with one stone.

This type of leg wear can be worn under anything --- pants, long skirts -- if the primary goal is warmth. However, it is fun to put them on display particularly when they are in a bold color. Pair a snazzy red tight with a black ensemble and you will be noticed.

Some opt for patterned leg wear, which is a good look, too. An otherwise ordinary outfit gets kicked up a notch or two when the legs are covered in an intrepid color and design.

Do you have varicose veins you want to conceal? A big bruise? Hairy legs? You've come to the right place. No one is going to see what is underneath when your legs are swathed in this comfortable and pretty material.

Tights can be footed, ankle-length or calf length. Some have stirrups which go under the foot. Some have control tops if you need extra help in the belly and butt area.

Wearing this leg wear under clothing is comparable to slipping into a very comfortable and flexible piece of shape wear. They keep the body under control and conceal lumps and bumps, without torturing the wearer, as old-time girdles did. You won't realize you are wearing them.

This is the best and easiest way to flatter your body. The sculpting panels keep your stomach and butt, hips and thighs tucked in and results in a sleek, slim silhouette, while also hoisting up your buttocks. What more could you ask for?

This garment is nothing knew. Henry the 8th wore them as did other men of that era. They were purposely form fitting because these guys rode horses. The wealthier men wore fine wool or silk leg wear while those with a lesser 'paycheck' had to settle for coarser and less comfortable fabrics.

Panty hose are not as thick or heavy as this more versatile legwear and therein lies the difference in these two garments. Panty hose consist of 40 denier. Denier is a unit of measure for the linear mass density of fibers. A single strand of silk is about one denier. Anything over 40 denier is considered to be tights.

This leg wear is generally made of Lycra, nylon, Spandex or cotton or a combination thereof. It is stretchy and comfortable.

Did you know some manufacturers put caffeine into the material, which reportedly reduces cellulite? Other insert moisturizers.

Were you aware football players wear them under their uniforms to keep them warm on a cold game day? Wearing this type of leg wear is believed to lessen muscle tissue vibration. This is beneficial to athletes who experience a lot of wear and tear on their legs but even non-athletes can derive the benefits.

Slip into a pair and see for yourself how good they feel. Your legs get a massage all day long.

When on your next shopping spree, grab several pair. You will love them. You do not have to be 'young' to wear them. This kind of legwear is appropriate for all ages.

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