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How to wear knee high socks

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pippi longstocking
Pippi Longstocking may have been the original socks girl
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Knowing how to wear knee high socks is a must if you are going for this loook

Back in the day, knee high socks were called knee socks and every girl had a collection. Up until the 1970s, girls were not allowed to wear pants/jeans to school. It got pretty chilly wearing skirts (that kept getting shorter and shorter) and dresses in 10 degree weather.

Knee socks kept the legs warm but were mostly valued because they were considered a cool fashion accessory. Knee length stockings were worn with everything, including shorts! This type of sock never goes out of fashion. How to wear knee high socks? It’s easy.

Knee socks can be worn under anything. If you simply want warmth, this item provides it. If you want to show them off wear them with short skirts, short-shorts or when donning a costume. This item comes in quite handy for those dressing up for Halloween and channeling a schools girl.

Some stockings go over the knee and hit the lower thigh. This is a sexy look. One can wear the sock over opaque tights for additional warmth. This looks good when coupled with a mini-skirt or dress.

This type of sock is ideal for transitioning from summer weather to cold weather. In fall, when the air becomes brisk a woman can continue wearing short skirts by combining them with leg-warming stockings that are great looking. Socks in a neutral tone are not going to be outrageous looking. The look is subtle, fashionable and certainly attractive. Most men will agree.

Keep in mind that this type of foot and leg wear is rather casual looking so don’t sport it to someone’s wedding or a job interview.


Sports often require that the player wear this item on their legs. Those sports include football, rugby, softball, skating, kickball, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, roller derby, kick ball, fencing, soccer and football. Football players wear knee socks to protect their legs from grass burns. Golf socks are a must on the course. Volleyball players often fall on their knees while playing. The knee high sock provides some protection. This type of leg covering prevents injuries while engaging in sports. Not only are they stylish but they are functional.

One of the Olympic athletes has made the news because he likes wearing mismatched socks when he competes. This is his signature and perhaps his lucky charm. Foot and leg coverings can be discreet or flamboyant. Mix and match. Go for the gusto and don a wildly colored and designed pair. People will notice. It’s a good conversation starter.

Celebrities such as Holly Madison, who used to be Hugh Hefner’s main squeeze, regularly wears vintage tube knee socks with short-shorts. She sometimes mixes and matches the colors.

If you haven’t shaved the legs there is no better way to conceal hairy gams than an awesome pair of socks.


Knee high socks aren’t new. This type of foot and leg wear has been worn since the Barbarians. When men started wearing shorter garments that revealed their legs, ‘hose’ were necessary. Stocking was the word used to describe feet and leg coverings.

In 1589, a minister, William Lee of Nottinghamshire, England, designed a machine that knit socks, which made the leg wear more popular and accessible than every before. In the 17th century, knee high hosiery was worn and sported an ankle decoration called ‘clocks.’

Men started routinely wearing dark colored stockings after Queen Victoria’s husband Albert died in 1861. This showed that they were in mourning. The trend toward dark stockings for men continued for centuries.

Even though your children may complain when they find this item in their Christmas stocking, you know that they will be put to good use. You can never have too many!

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