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Where do you find job title descriptions?

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Writing job title descriptions is easy with a little research

If you have ever had to write a job description for your job or someone elseís, you know how difficult it can be. You may worry you will forget some task or aspect of the personís job, or that you may include too much information so as to scare off any potential employees.

Job title descriptions are simply a thorough and concise way to define a job. It may be necessary when creating a new job or redefining an existing job. Keep in mind that any job title description is a legal document. Any references to things such as race, creed or sexual orientation are illegal. has a great article about how to write a job description, but before you write it, you need to know where to find the information to put into it.
Social networking sites

The social networking sites, such as LinkedIn, have been a great resource for businesses of all sizes. Everyone there is either looking to hire, looking to be hired or interested in learning more about their particular business and other peopleís businesses.

Search other peopleís resumes similar to the job description you want to write, then pick and choose the pieces and parts that work best with your particular market or job. Make sure to customize it to fit.

Freelance job sites

Freelancers tend to find work online these days. A few of the best places to look are Sologig, Elance and Guru.

Do the same as you would with the social networking sites and search the jobs that best fit the job title descriptions for which you are writing. Pick and choose the most appropriate wording for your job.

Traditional online employment sites

Other online places to look are the traditional job listing sites such as Careerbuilder or If you cannot find job titles that fit your job exactly, try searching by using titles that are closely-related to your job. By doing so, you may even discover your job is mis-titled.

If you scour other job title descriptions, you will do two things: 1) you will learn the best way to represent the descriptions you are writing, and 2) you may learn you are working with the wrong title entirely. With careful online research, and a little tweaking, you can make sure you have the correct job description written to woo the best candidate for your company or to land that dream job you always wanted. 

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