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How to create a kid friendly space

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A kid's play tent automatically creates a play space
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Here are a few ways you can create a kid friendly space with furniture and decor

if you have children, you know that it is important for them to have their own space from time to time. That can be rather difficult if you don't have a large living space. Even if you do live in a big home with lots of different rooms, it can seem daunting to figure out just how to set aside a place that your children will not only want to play in, but will enjoy every time they use that space.

It can be difficult to know exactly how to create a kid-friendly space with furnishings and play sets, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

Designate a Play Area

The easiest way to make a kid friendly space is to cordon off a room as the "play room." This can be easier said than done if you have limited space. If you don't have an entire room that can be used only as a play room, you should at least have areas in the house or in the yard where kids spend most of their time. It's essential that once you designate this area, that you sort of give that space to them permanently -- or as close to "permanently" as possible.

In order to have a kid friendly space, the kids need to feel like it is their space. If they feel like they are constantly "borrowing" space from their parents, then they are never really going to be able to settle in. 

Provide Variety

Now that you have a space that is sectioned off for the kids to play in, give them more to do than just play video games or toy guns. Young children, especially tend to have vivid imaginations. They also have a rather short attention span. Instead of trying to change either of these things, roll with those factors and have plenty available that they can do.

Toys are always important to have around simply because they allow for imagination stimulation. You can also go with a bigger play set like a toy kitchen or even a playhouse or play tent.Going with something like a playhouse could also serve as a way to section off their play area.

Whatever play area the child has, make sure you are also sprinkling plenty of books and pads of paper around the area. Reading, writing and drawing will help you to make a more productive and kid friendly space and it will stimulate their imaginations. This can also battle boredom, because they can move onto something else on their own. This is better than having just a few things in the play area and forcing the kids to ask what they can do. Their area should be set up so they have plenty of options and those options are in front of them.

Allow for Uninterrupted Play Time

While it may seem like kids lead a fairly stress free life compared to ours, they need to be able to unwind as well. Once you tell them its time to go play, let them have that time without needing to stop every 10 minutes to do a chore. The easiest way to do this, if you must have a more regimented schedule is to make it clear that they will have 30 minutes or more of free time every day. This way the children can get into their spaces and relax, knowing exactly how long they have to do whatever it is they are doing.

By allowing for them to have their own space, and by giving them plenty of time to play and plenty of times to play or read you are creating a kid friendly space that will lead to truly happy children.

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