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How to become a magic show performer

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Create a wardrobe that is exciting and eye-catching. You want to get the most out of your show, so all components must be thought-out and planned just right
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Learn how to master your craft.

In most communities, there aren't a whole lot of magicians available to perform at parties or community events. You can create your own niche business in your city or state by learning to become a magic show performer.


Magic show performers tend to have a certain aura about them. Kids love them. Parents love them. If you perfect your act and don't make too many mistakes, you can become a bit of a legend in your area. You may also be able to create your own auditorium performances and sell out the events.


Learn Your Craft


The first thing to do if you're going to become a magician is to learn magic. This seems obvious enough, but when it comes to any form of the arts, people often talk about wanting to do something they know nothing about. If you are to make anything into a career, you must learn as much about it as you can and delve into it. You truly must make it your life. If you're going to become a professional magician, you need to learn magic.


There are many types of tricks:  close-up magic, card tricks, mind reading tricks and elaborate stunts like sawing a person in half or making large objects disappear. When you perform a magic show, you do not want to perform only one type of trick or you will be known as a one-trick pony. Variety is the key to being a great magician. An audience looks for versatility as much as skill.

Practice, Practice, Practice!


There's nothing worse than watching a so-called professional who is strictly amateur. This goes for all fields of work, but especially for magic. The audience is watching your show to be entertained and to be shown that something as fantasy-based as magic can seem real. So you need to be good. Correction: you need to be great at performing your magic tricks.


Practice your magic tricks feverishly, just like you would practice the violin or painting. Magic is a unique art form. It not only entertains, but alters a person's thinking. If you are to make someone believe what his eyes see without doubt, you must be well-practiced. This means that not only can there be no mistakes - like dropping things - but you must maintain the magical illusion at all times so that no one watching can figure out what you're doing.


Design Your Performance


Just as a choir builds a performance based on the songs it sings and as a director builds his film based on his shots, a magician must build his performance based on his tricks. You must decide which of your tricks you will perform and in what order. Determine what music fits your show, which jokes you will tell and which stories you are going to incorporate into your performance to keep the audience's attention when you're doing things it can't see.

Create a wardrobe that is exciting and eye-catching. You want to get the most out of your show, so all components must be thought out and planned just right.


The Most Important Thing is Confidence


You need skill, variety and a well-planned performance. Above all, however, you need self-confidence. You may very well be the greatest magician in the world, but if you don't demonstrate confidence in yourself as a magician, the audience will also lack confidence in your ability.


Self-confidence can only be built by practicing your tricks and thoroughly knowing how they're performed. If you're completely confident that you will perform your tricks perfectly, it will show and you will be on your way to becoming a real magic show performer.

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