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How to motivate yourself at work

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Easy ways to stay motivated at work
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Motivate yourself at work with techniques for staying focused and inspired

Everyone has to work. It is a universal truth, isn’t it? Even the richest among us has to do something in order to keep his riches, whether it is giving interviews, making decisions or just counting the money.

We all have to do something or we cannot pay for things like food, shelter and the simple comforts of life. So how do you motivate yourself at work while you toil for that paycheck?

Comfort is important 

We keep our homes comfortable, but our workplace is our home away from home sometimes. It is imperative to make it comfortable in order to make it a place you want to go every day. Comfortable office chairs and hundreds of other products will make your desk comfortable and will cozy up your office space.

Make sure to pay attention to colors, too. According to those who study the psychology of color, blues and greens inspire feelings of calmness and control while reds and oranges inspire aggression and anger. Adding a few touches of these strong colors to the otherwise calm blues and greens will bring energy to the space without evoking negative energy or reactions.

It is easy to motivate yourself at work if you follow these principals. By defining your goals and keeping everything organized, you may find it easier to get things accomplished. This will motivate you to accomplish even more during your workday because you will enjoy it more. Moreover, if you enjoy it, you can only succeed.

Define your purpose

If you do not know what you are supposed to do, and why you are supposed to do it, you will spin your wheels and accomplish nothing. Geoffrey James wrote a great article for Inc. Magazine that included the top point as “Define Your Purpose.” It is so simple, yet many of us begin without a beginning. We just want to start a project in order to get it finished.

If you take a moment to figure out what exactly you need to accomplish, you can complete your task with more efficiency resulting in speedy work.

Avoid time-suckers

You know what I am talking about. Those moments when you need a little break to help you motivate yourself at work can also turn into several minutes if you aren’t careful. You will end up listening to a coworker’s story for much too long, or play that computer game without regard for the clock. All of this wasted time adds up if you are not careful. 

Many project managers use simple timers to keep track of their time spent on projects, especially freelancers like me. Why not set a timer for that quick run to the coffee room or tell that talkative coworker you’ll catch him at lunch or walk her out to the parking lot at the end of the day? Avoiding wasted time will save you time that could be spent finishing a project or looking for new business.

Try using an old-fashioned paper planner to jot down your work time and down time. Don't fret over minute by minute tracking -- just note when you've spent three hours working. Or three hours playing on Pinterest! 

Keep projects on track

Writing down ideas and making To Do lists goes a long way toward keeping yourself organized, especially if you have more than one project going at a time.

Part of this is labeling everything which makes it easier to find what you are looking for. The first thing people think about is their files when they think of labeling, but there are other ways to use labels.

Try making a “Tick File” as in “ticking off’ items on your To Do list as you complete them. This tick file is a good place for a folder for your reading, another one for tasks that are time-sensitive, and even a file for the calls you need to make before going home that day. Label templates are an excellent way to make labels quickly and neatly. If your handwriting is anything like my chicken scratch, you can appreciate the beauty in this idea. Make labels for everything and keep yourself moving forward with all of your projects and tasks.

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