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Make your business stand out at a tradeshow with planning and the right promos

When you are heading to a trade show, the main goal of attending is to attract potential customers in a sea of competition. Your ultimate trade show goal is to make your business more successful than your competitors. There are a number of different ways you can do this, but you have to keep in mind that even if you think you are better than your competitors, you still need to create the opportunity to convince future clients.

If you want to make your business stand out at a trade show you need to understand what you are up against and get prepared. The best way to make sure that your company stands out is to have a plan before you go. Obviously you can't show up unprepared and expect to adjust mid stream because it turns out that whatever you anticipated simply isn't working.

In order to stand out there are a couple of different physical approaches. You will likely have a limited amount of space with which to work. You can still find a way to organize and promote that space in a way that has not been seen at most regular trade shows. Even if the booth decor doesn't immediately reflect your office culture, remember that being able to make yourself a "spectacle" will help draw attention to your product or service.

Promotional giveaways

Decor in the booth aren't the only way you can make your space a spectacle. Offering something that will make you stand out from the pack is another way to create a "buzz" on the trade show floor, attract visitors and get yourself in the minds of those you are trying to impress. While most companies give out little trinkets or baubles, you can offer a unique promotional item that people will actively seek out.

A great strategy is to offer a promotional giveaway that relates in some way to your business. Is your company an Internet-related business? Go high tech and make a statement. Give away a personalized stylus pen that works on a smartphone or tablet. Go the extra mile and have it engraved with your company name or logo. Order these in a color or style that hasn't been seen over and over ... you'll have a hit on your hands.

Lighting your booth

You can also light your booth in a way that will be different enough from everyone else that you will stand out from your competition. This doesn't mean that you have to have the brightest booth in the show. You can even have parts of your display not lighted at all and then have one section under a spotlight.

Play with the booth lighting to make sure that your products are easily viewable and that the product is recognizable right away. Some people think that the public not knowing right away what it is you are offering is a good strategy because it will get them to come over and take a look. If they have come over and still can't see what you're offering, though, then you've lost.

Carry it all

Many times companies will give away so much stuff that trade show attendees have to carry all their "goodies" around in bags.

The fact of the matter is, you want your product to be seen at the show. There is no reason you want your promotional items at the bottom of a bag, and there is no reason you should be using bags, unless those bags are also part of your product promotion.

You can certainly brand a cutting edge backpack tote with your company name and logo. Fill it with your brochures and other literature. Trade show warriors are likely to use your giveaway tote for all of their treasures, and wear your logo square on their back.

Staffing your booth

Have the right people representing you. This can either mean that you send the best sales team on your staff or you make sure that the people who are representing you at the show stand out themselves.

Maybe they are even in some sort of getup that will grab the eye when weary convention goers are wandering by. You want someone out front who isn't afraid to call out and get everyone's attention. Having someone front and center who doesn't need to call out to get attention is going to be even better.

Trade show success is all about investing in being seen and being remembered.

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