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Tips for cutting a wig

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Tips for cutting a wig to make your hairstyle look well styled and fashionable

A little bit of excitement is necessary in any life. A new cut, a new look, even a new wardrobe can inspire new-found confidence and a renewed vigor. 
For those with synthetic or human hair pieces, it's important to be creative with your look and change things up every once in a while.

Below, let's take a look at tips for cutting a wig so that you can get the most out of your creativity and fashion sense. Read on!

Initial Options

There are many different options available, from cutting a wig yourself to bringing it into your favorite stylist's shop and telling them exactly how you'd like it done. According to, you can even look to your local beauty schools to find a recent (or almost) graduate of the program who can help you with styling tips and know-how.

For those looking to bring it into their local stylist, this can be a simple way to get your bangs trimmed, hair reshaped, and so on. With a professional working on your hair piece, this can be a solid way to avoid making a wrong cut here or there and possibly ruining your item. For more expensive pieces, this might actually be one of the best options available to you.

Now, for the beauty school student -- according to -- they can actually teach you the basics of hair styling. Even online websites (or watching that stylist of yours) can help you to learn by immersion how to shape and trim to your hearts content.

When you feel you have enough knowledge -- or have become too impatient to wait any longer -- it's important to note that initial cuts should be done on "cheaper" alternatives to your wearable piece. Purchase a few low-cost hair pieces for your test runs so you can try your hand on them  without the potential for expensive mistakes.

When you've mastered the techniques and feel truly confident in your new skill set, then move on to your main piece/s. Hairfinder offers hair styling articles here which can help you to learn the basics of many different cuts. They offer a beginner's guide to snipping hair, as well as a plethora of other styles and options for you.

Additional Thoughts on Upkeep

While that perfect cut can do wonders for confidence levels and overall look, it's important to remember that proper upkeep and care is paramount, as well. There are many different tips and insights into practices which will keep your hair piece looking and feeling great in the long run.

Remember that synthetic hair pieces will require different methods of upkeep than their human hair counterparts. You'll want to find products which are specifically formulated for synthetic pieces, such as shampoos, conditioners, and more. A styling kit can also be a helpful addition to your arsenal.

According to, it's important to pick sulfate-free care products for your human hair piece as it will help to keep the color both vibrant and long-lasting. Additional tips from experts include:
  • Be sure to keep two hair pieces ready and waiting at all times. Rotation between pieces will help to lengthen lifespan; in case of washing of one, you'll always have the other to wear. As well, it can be about changing things up, too, and going with a new style or look to spice up the visual.
  • For synthetic wearers, it's important to make a note about extreme heat: it can and will ruin your hair piece. This can happen with curling irons, heat from the stove, or even steam from a cooking pot on the stove. Simply take it off before looking to do anything involving heat.
  • If you're tired of the same old look each and every day, change things up. Try a headband, scarf, or other such hair accessories to add some excitement to your overall look.
Resources: Cut and Style Wigs.

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