American Girl doll hairstyles

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American Girl doll
Matching pigtails are only the beginning
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American Girl doll hairstyles are fun to learn and easy to style

Doll play sparks young imaginations and encourages girls to dream big. Itís no surprise children bond with their favorite one, wearing matching outfits and hosting joint tea parties with friends. After all, stories of friendship go hand in hand with brushing hair and playing dress up. 

Learning new American Girl doll hairstyles is a fun way to engage a young girlís creative side. Some of these may look a little tricky, but each one is very doable once you break it down into steps. The best part about experimenting on a character is that they donít get impatient or squirmy.

How to do a basic braid

Braids not only look pretty, they keep the silky hair from knotting when it's not being played with. It's much easier to take care of American Girl dolls when they're not sporting tangled nests up top.

1. Gather all of the hair behind the head, divide into three equal sections, and hold each section between your fingers. Weíll call these sections A, B, and C.

2. Cross A over B so that A is in the middle and B is on one end.

3. Cross C over A so that C is in the middle and A is on the opposite side it started on.

4. Repeat these steps until your fingers are an inch or two from the end. Secure the braid with a hair band. You can use rubber bands, but these tear strands easily.

Once you get the hang of braiding, practice on smaller sections. Give your girl a rocker look with a thin braid near her face. Wrap one large braid around the hair line and secure it with a few bobby pins to create a fairy-like crown. Weave daisies in for extra effect.

How to do French braids

French braids are a little more challenging than the basic braid so take your time. Start by brushing back the hair and collecting some from above each ear and gather it at the top of her head. Complete the first three steps of a basic braid, and then follow this French braid tutorial with pictures to make a beautiful French braid.


Pigtails are among the most adorable doís you can do, and theyíre super easy - so easy girls can try them on their dolls and then themselves for a twin day. Simply divide the hair down the center in a straight line then secure each side in a hair band

Place pigtails high on the head for a fun, cute style to keep tresses out of the face. You can also secure them lower, around the nape of the neck, for a pretty flower child or farm girl look.

Top bun

The top bun is among the easiest American Girl doll hairstyles, and there are many ways make it unique. Start by brushing her hair to the top of her head and securing it in a band. Twist the hair and wrap it snug around the base of the ponytail. Use a bobby pin or band to secure the bun.

Add a bit of bling by placing a fancy head band in front of the bun. Use a comb to gently pull down the dollís bangs or a few strands on each side to make tendrils. This softens the overall style, giving it a looser, casual touch.

Pinned up

Use pretty barrettes to pin the front strands and youíll have glamorous results fit for the red carpet. For a dramatic look part hair on one side, sweep it back near the ear and secure with a sparkly clip, or go sporty by twisting it back into the pin. Switch the part to the center and clip back the sides for a sweet, carefree day in the sun.

Trying out different American Girl doll hairstyles is a relaxing way to channel creativity while chatting with the girls. So twist it, pin it, braid it, curl it Ė thereís no wrong way to experiment.

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