Deciding how to raise your kids

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Raising children is difficult, but worth the effort
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The answer to deciding how to raise your kids is not always clear cut

Deciding how to raise your kids is one of the biggest choices you'll ever have to make. Not only will your decision affect your young one for the rest of his life, it likely will for you, as well. You owe it to yourself and your child to put plenty of effort into the process.


One of the major factors in a child's upbringing is often religion. Religion can help to shape a person's morals, values and way of being. Contrarily, the choice to not involve any religion is also a tactic some parents take and base their principles of bringing up their child around that.

If you are trying to decide if you want to bring your child up under a Christian mentality, reading the Bible or other Christian books is a good way to start. You are likely to find out if this religion comprises the values and beliefs you want your child to have. If you conclude Christianity isn't the route to go, knowing at the beginning is beneficial.

Judaism is another religion that can give you beneficial principles to help you raise your child the way you desire. Speaking with a rabbi or studying other reading material regarding the Jewish religion can give you an idea as to whether this is the most appropriate route to go with your child or not. If it doesn't seem the right fit for you, a variety of other religions and belief systems, such as the Muslim and Buddhist faiths, are available, as well.

Speaking to those who are well-versed in the religion in which you are interested can help you get an understanding of whether or not that type of upbringing is what you want for your child.

Choosing not to bring your child up under any religion is another option, as well. Many parents often use their own beliefs and understandings that they have developed throughout their own experiences to raise their young ones. Whatever you feel comfortable with is the choice you should make.

Talk to Your Partner

If you're not raising your child on your own, there's a good chance the other parent has a few ideas on his upbringing. Discussing these thoughts can help bring you to a conclusion you both agree on.

Bringing up your child taking you and your partner's desires into consideration is ideal. Doing so means that both of you are involved and have a role in raising him. By excluding the other parent's opinions, you destroy any kind of united front you could have. Bringing up children together and agreeing on how to do so shows your young one that you care about his well being and want him to know both of his parents are on board in raising him the best way possible.

Coming to these agreeable conclusions can be harder than it sounds. Consulting with a counselor, therapist, relative or religious adviser may help get the both of you on the same page, particularly if you are no longer together.

Co-parenting a child is difficult as it is, but especially when the parents aren't able to agree and work together. Offering consistency in the types of beliefs, values and even discipline you offer is one of the major keys in raising a healthy, balanced child.

You really only get once chance to do a good job when attempting to raise your kids. Although no parent is perfect, you should understand that a child looks to you for everything, including for guidance and examples of acceptable behavior. Since you can't take much back when it comes to parenting, you should try to be right the first time and come up with a well thought-out plan on how to raise your offspring.


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