Easter ideas for kids

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Easter egg decorating party
Sunny-side up goes for children too!
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Here are some fun ideas to keep children busy at Easter

Spring is not really around the corner, but when it does come, it will bring some new and different easter ideas for kids. Chocolate eggs, rabbits and marshmallow ducks are fine, but just as good is an emphasis on the growing trend of healthier Easter goodies. The problem is that kids expect Easter baskets to be filled with treats and the timing for changing to healthy stuff may not be the best. Still, you can throw the kids off the track with some diverting games as well (Maybe they won’t notice that you “unspiked” the sugary goodies? One can hope.)

 What are some healthy and fun easter ideas for kids

Start with the traditional Easter basket.  Learn to look at it differently. How can you delight your children and at the same time keep them happy with the ‘goodies’ found inside? Here are some thoughts on the matter.

1-Add some fruit

Easter baskets for kids can be filled with sweet and delicious fruit either along with or instead of the traditional chocolates. Some good choices might include: grapes, bananas, pears, oranges, apples or other sweet fruits of the season. Many children like fruit and are attracted to its many different colors and textures.

2- Stuffed animals

 Where is it written that Easter baskets can only be filled with tasty things to eat? You can stick with the conventional rabbits and ducks that seem to have a way of reproducing just in time for the season, or you can think outside of the “stuffed animal box.” If your child has a favorite animal, even if it isn’t related to the holiday, consider getting one of those instead. Your child will enjoy the gift so much more and it will last a lot longer than a chocolate creation.

3- Nuts

 Don’t forget nuts (the store-bought variety, not the kind that walk on two legs). Unless your children have an allergy to them, most kids love different kinds of nuts. Remember that many nuts are good for you but they are fattening and should be consumed in small quantities. Still, they make great easter ideas for kids. Some choices might include: cashews, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts and macadamia nuts

4- Bubblegum

Consider some sugarless bubblegum as something to add in your kid’s Easter basket.  Blowing bubbles is a delight of childhood and an endless source of fun.

5- Easter games and fun

Easter ideas for kids should include activities that involve the whole family. You can either think of it as a day set aside for family or as a week-end, which is usually appropriate as the holiday does always fall on a Sunday and many children are off from school on Easter Monday as well. You have to decide beforehand whether the children will be inside or outside the home and make sure that whatever activity you plan for the kids is age appropriate.

Some cool easter ideas for kids that are also inexpensive might include: an egg-decorating party, going roller skating at the local rink or seeing a popular movie. Whatever you decide, try to put yourself in your children’s shoes and pick something you know they will want to do. This will give them something to look forward to.

 Whatever you do, think of it in terms of a child’s perspective. They will have a lifetime to view things as adults and no matter what the occasion, the wonders and delights of childhood should always be encouraged.

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