Valentine's day crafts for kids

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Valentine's Day projects can bring out the creativity in your child

As adults, we can all think of many fine ways to celebrate that day of the year set aside exclusively for lovers, but what about our children? How can they honor the occasion and show the special emotions they feel for their parents, siblings, teachers and friends? The answer is valentine’s day crafts for kids, which will enable them to make bracelets, charms, cards and other items to give as gifts to those they love.

Crafts cover a lot of territory and the first thing you want to do is narrow down your field of choices to those made from the same materials. There are so many things you can make from construction paper, for example, sparkles and stickers, other craft supplies, and a little bit of bit of imagination. The first step in this creative journey is to decide which valentine’s day crafts for kids you want to concentrate on, whether they be paper hearts or home made valentine cards.

Some thoughts about valentines day crafts for kids

Supplies are a very important part to the equation surrounding valentine’s day crafts for kids. Stock up on construction paper, heart-shaped stickers, stamps and card kits as these are the things you need to make homemade valentines. Construction paper is highly affordable and it incites children to be creative and have fun. It provides a quick and easy venue for making valentine’s day crafts for kids at a moment’s notice.

Valentine’s day projects with construction paper

1- Paper hearts

A pad of construction paper is like clay to the working of a sculpture. A very simple valentine’s day project for kids is the making of paper hearts. Begin with a multi-colored pad of paper and a bunch of safety scissors. Kids cut out heart tracings and can draw big or small hearts out of red and white sheets of construction paper (or any other color that catches their eye). Try to find some “alligator teeth scissors,” which render a unique edged design to the paper hearts.

2- Love stamps and buttons

Kids can make “feel good” buttons for the entire family with just a little bit of construction paper and some love stamps. The kids stamp away and then cut out shapes around the designs they like the most and they become “love buttons” after a piece of rolled tape or a small safety pin affixes the creation to any shirt or jacket.

3- Valentine’s Day banners

Banners make wonderful valentine’s day crafts for kids and they can be displayed in the home in a doorway or on the wall of a room. Kids make them by using large stencils to make letters that spell out Happy Valentine’s Day. Construction paper is the basis for each of the letters and the child’s creativity can run amuck as any color goes. After cutting out the letters, they are then glued to a string of yarn which forms the banner. Glitter and/or stickers can be used to enhance the letters.

There are so many creative ways to go besides the conventional Valentine’s Day cards when it comes to creative valentine’s day crafts for kids. Try some of these either at home, or if you are a teacher, in the classroom. They also work well for kid parties.

These projects  have all been kid-tested and mom-approved.

Set up some creative valentine’s day crafts for both you and your children to enjoy. You might be surprised at how much fun you will have.

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