What to get for a two year old

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What to get for a two year old for comfort, learning and play time

Two is an exciting age for children. Developmentally, they’re beginning to recognize colors and letters and to understand how things fit together. Toddlers love to mimic what you say and do, which melts you heart and makes them a blast to play with.

Wondering what to get for a two year old? Keep in mind that these little ones are sponges hungry to learn everything they can about the world around them. Choosing an educational toy will help stimulate their curiosity and development.

Bright cozy clothing and fun room decorations will make any toddler glow. Colorful, kid-sized storage caddies with so he can learn where to put his own toys and helps a little one transition from babyhood to walking around and choosing what toys he plays with. 

Educational Toys

Toy Kitchen – Toy kitchens allow them to pretend to bake cakes and fix sandwiches while you prepare meals. Sets come with pots, pans and safe utensils as well as play food. Double check the height of the set to be sure it’ll fit him just right.

Balls – Balls provide endless fun and give kids an easy way to burn off some of that excess energy. Teach them to roll, kick, throw and eventually play catch with a colorful, soft ball. This is one toy they can play with outside and indoors.

Lego – Legos sets help children learn their colors and how to build something big out of smaller pieces. They teach kids to use their imagination and play independently. Ask them what they’re building and you’ll be amazed at their ambition.

Arts and Crafts Supplies – Artists of all sizes need their space. If possible, set aside a corner of a room for her to work. A small easel with a thick pad of paper and some crayons will give her the instant satisfaction of creating shapes with her favorite colors. 

Puzzle Time – Kids start making connections between shapes and simple pictures. Puzzles are what to get for a two year old just learning how to focus. Parents magazine recommends small puzzles with 2- to 5 super-size pieces so they’ll have success before running off to the next adventure.

Play-Doh – Play-doh is perfect for toddlers because they can play with it by themselves, and with you or siblings. Sets that come with accessories and stencils show them how to make simple shapes, like stars and hearts. They can use these shapes to make pictures or for the sheer joy of squishing their creations and starting again.

Growing Gifts

Napping Blanket and Pillow Pal - Give a toddler a personalized napping blanket with their very own pillow to help them ease into a toddler bed. Choose a pillow with a cute animal face to bring a smile to her face just before she drifts to sleep.

Training Potty – Only at two can such a gift change a person’s life. Many parents begin to teach kids about using a potty around this age, and starting them off with one that fit’s their size makes the process less scary.

Training potties are exactly what to get for a two year old if she doesn’t already have one. Choose one with a seat ring that can pop off. This way the parents can put it on the real toilet when she’s ready.

Toddlers aren’t picky when it comes to toddler toys and clothes. Call the parents ahead of time to avoid buying any duplicate gifts. Also keep size in mind because many toddlers just love putting little pieces of anything in their mouths. Avoid choking hazards and anything that would hurt if he throws it at you enthusiastically.

From playing dress up and taking baby dolls for walks, to making you a wooden cake and play-doh flower, every day teaches toddlers something new and surprising. Good luck keeping up with them!


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