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Comfort food gifts

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Why do people like to give and receive comfort food gifts?

Comfort food gifts may run the gamut from homemade macaroni and cheese to meatloaf to peanut-butter cookies and scrumptious chocolate fudge to die for. The foods we grew up with that transport us back to childhood are the true comfort foods. The word itself, comfort, evokes a connotation of cozy, warm and welcoming hearths, shelter and peace.

Favorite comfort foods will vary greatly from person to person, culture to culture and sometimes even within the same food category. For example, a pasta favorite for one could be lasagna and for another, it might be pad Thai. Going back to one’s roots is a significant psychological aspect associated with the appreciation of comfort food and comfort food gifts.

Why are comfort food gifts becoming more and more popular?

The increasing trend towards comfort food consumption and the exchanging of comfort food gifts is the result of several factors. People are busier, more stressed and feeling less secure in the world. Everyone wants to feel warm and safe again, the way we did when we were young and the world seemed a much simpler place. Escaping into food is fraught with the same danger as any option brought to excess, but there is something to be said for that “ unique pleasing, warm feeling” associated with consuming your favorite comfort food, regardless of the consequences.

Comfort food gifts and our health

An awareness of healthful choices, not to mention an alarming increase in obesity and diabetes, has brought about some twists and a touch of panache to those old and familiar comfort foods. This is exemplified in such gourmet favorites as thin crust gourmet pizza and sugar free, low carb candy and fudges, just to name a few. Even in a diet-conscious world, the opening of a comfort food gift is certain to bring a smile to the lips of any recipient.

Aging baby boomers are avoiding bulging waistlines by adapting healthy lifestyle trends. They want all the taste of their favorite fudges, cookies and crunches, but fewer calories, a tall but not impossible order to fill. Also, less is more sometimes, and once in a while, a small indulgence is the one thing that makes life worthwhile. After all, where we are going from here, they don’t serve cheesecake, fine chocolates and fudge.

What are some popular comfort food gifts?

Actually, the best comfort food gifts are as relative as any other gifts; that is, they depend upon the likes and preferences of the person receiving them.Comfort food gift baskets are great for the holidays and other special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. They represent good memories and simpler times. Some all time favorites might include; chocolate chip cookies, fudge, brittles, crunches, fruit pies, chocolate covered fruit, marzipan candy, truffles, gourmet condiments, expensive spices like saffron, gourmet teas and coffees and as Sonny and Cher’s immortal beat, the list goes on.

So prepare your proverbial list for this up and coming holiday season and make sure to check it twice for the inclusion of comfort food gifts for some of the people on it. It might be more appreciated than another tie or a bottle of perfume.

Bear in mind that quote from Sheila Graham, who so aptly said:

Food is the most primitive form of comfort.

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