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Gooey brownies make great late-night study snacks!
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Decide which food to send in the mail and where to buy it for the top quality

Anyone who has a kid inn college or a military member serving far away knows how difficult it can be if you want to send a homemade treat. It doesnít have to be a problem if you keep a few things in mind when deciding what food to send in the mail.

Where is it going?

Any military spouse worth her salt knows to consider where they are sending any food when sending it through the mail.

For example, a person stationed in the Middle East may be in broiling heat most of the time. As such, sending a bag of Hershey Bars would not work. In that instance, hard candies or less delicate food items are a better choice.

A student in college, on the other hand, would welcome munchies, candy, cookies and classic brownies. These all make a perfect snack for that late-night study session and can easily be delivered to an indoor mail room that is protected from the environment. If you order from a company that specializes in baskets of gourmet snacks, everything will be packed to arrive safe and delicious.

What do they like?

One of the first things you have to ask yourself is what does your recipient enjoy eating? If they don't care for sweet baked goods, a cake would not work.

Also keep in mind any allergies your friend or family member might have. If there is a peanut allergy involved, for example, make sure to check packaging for allergy information before mailing or call the company involved in shipping the items. Food allergies can be very serious, so make sure to put this step at the top of your list when sending food.

How much to send?

Consider that food gifts are often shared with the entire family, with roommates or with office co-workers. Make certain that there is enough to pass around or the gift recipient may be uncomfortable.

Also don't over-order. The most important consideration is that the food you send arrive fresh and in optimum condition. Send too much and it will go stale or deteriorate. Nothing is worse than receiving a gorgeous basket of fruit and watching half of it go bad amongst the pretty ribbon and holiday packaging.

Is it allowed?

Make certain your intentions will not be unappreciated. If your recipient is restricted somehow or you are sending to a country that may not allow an item due to its laws, your food will most likely be returned -- if not destroyed. Either way, it will not make it to its intended recipient. Check Customs laws and other regulations ahead of time so you are not disappointed.

If you want to send food through the mail, know that it will certainly be appreciated. Items such as baked goods, candies and items that do not require refrigeration are easy to receive, easy to store and always a hit.

Make sure you follow a few rules of common sense before going through the trouble of sending that gift from home or ordering a food gift online, but do it. Sometimes that little piece of home can make a personís entire week!

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