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Healthy gift basket ideas

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Giving a healthy gift basket doesn't mean your gift won't produce many smiles: everyone goes nutty for delicious pecan halves
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Give a present from the heart that truly is good for the heart!

With everyone becoming more and more health-conscious these days, healthy gift baskets are ideal gifts. With these healthy gift basket ideas, your gift basket will undoubtedly be a big hit when it arrives.

Fruit gift baskets. Delicious fruits of every variety can be found in gift baskets. Some popular gift baskets include tropical fruits, apples and pears, oranges and grapefruits, other citrus fruits and peaches. Your ideal gift basket is purchased when fruit is in season. Fortunately these days fruit is grown in so many countries, so it is available around the world during more and more months. Fruit is a delicious and healthy treat enjoyed by many.

Nut gift basket. One of the most popular healthy gift basket ideas, a nut gift basket provides great taste with great nutrition. For many people, nuts are a healthy indulgence. Full of vitamins, minerals and lots of fiber these little nuts pack a great nutritional wallop! A gift basket with candied pecans is sure to be popular with just about any crowd. Almonds or walnuts are also a popular choice.

Spices and herbs gift basket. While people do not eat spices and herbs on their very own, they do cook with them. Good spices and herbs can be a great investment for the serious or hobbyist cook. A spices and herbs basket is ideal for a housewarming gift. This gift basket will help anyone cook delicious and healthy food free from any added unhealthy ingredients. So many things can taste so good with the simple addition of spices and herbs.

Organic gift basket. Many organic foods are now easy to find. You can find organic fruits and vegetables that lots of people enjoy. One of the benefits of organic fruits and vegetables is that they do not use pesticides. These fruits and vegetables can be much healthier for us to ingest. An organic gift basket would be enjoyed by many.

Fitness gift basket. A gift basket dedicated to someone's favorite fitness activity is an ideal gift basket. You could do a prenatal yoga gift basket for an expecting mom, or even a new-to-fitness gift basket for someone who wanted to get into shape. This gift basket can be customized depending on the recipient. Add some workout DVDs and workout gear. Some protein bars and a big water bottle will make this gift basket complete.

Most people we know truly want to lead more health-conscious lives, and giving them a nice treat is a lovely way to help them reach this goal. Your gift could help inspire years of healthy living.

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