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Ice coffee recipe

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Grandma's famous ice coffee recipe: coffee ice cream is the secret ingredient
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Grandma's Ice Coffee Recipe: After all these years, nothing else compares!

My grandmother simply adores ice coffee, and there is always a fresh pitcher of the delicious beverage in her refrigerator.  She claims it is a drink that should be served winter or summer, just the way ice tea is served, and she makes a point of offering all her guests and visitors a cup of her famous ice coffee. 

They say that coffee addiction may be genetic.  If so, then I surely inherited my grandmother’s love for coffee.  I have fond memories of summers spent at my grandmother's lake house, where we would sunbathe on the dock, go boating, or enjoy a picnic.  On these occasions, my grandmother always brought along a thermos of ice coffee. 

Over the years, I have enjoyed many coffee varieties from around the globe… however, nothing compares to my grandmother’s ice coffee recipe.

Grandma’s Ice Coffee Recipe:

1)  Brew a pot of your favorite coffee. (Grandma preferred a dark roasted Green Mountain Coffee, but any ground coffee variety you prefer will suffice.)  Use 2 tablespoons of coffee per each cup of water.  (The coffee should be brewed dark and extra-strong, because it will get diluted once poured over ice cubes.)

2)  Pour the coffee into a pitcher or carafe and let stand at room temperature for 3-5 hours, or refrigerate until cold, for about 2-3 hours.

3)  Serve the coffee in tall glasses.  Put one scoop of coffee flavored ice cream in the bottom of the glass.  (My grandmother prefers either Godiva coffee ice cream, Breyers, or the organic local variety sold by our neighborhood dairy farm.)   Fill the rest of the glass with ice cubes.

4)  Pour the coffee over the ice cream and ice cubes.  Stir the coffee to equalize the temperature and mix the ice cream into the drink. 

Buying a daily ice coffee from the coffee shop can be expensive.  Instead, follow Grandma’s ice coffee recipe to make your own!  If you are serving after dinner drinks, Grandma recommends adding a splash of Kahlua or Amaretto liqueur to the ice coffee recipe.  Or, simply garnish the drink with a cookie or a dolop of whipped cream.

Of course she also advises, never put a hot pot of coffee directly into the refrigerator.  The rapid temperature change can crack the glass. Keep a fresh pitcher of ice coffee on hand.  Your guests and visitors are sure to love this tasty treat! 

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