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Making good coffee

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Cup of coffee warm the heart and feed the mind
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Making a good cup of coffee can be a precise and predictable occurrence

While there is nothing more magnificent than a freshly brewed cup of delicious coffee to start the day, there is also no worse portent of a miserable day than one that begins with a bad cup of coffee. Whether you join a coffee club that insures delivery of the finest coffee beans you can afford or whether you take the time to hand pick each pound you buy for yourself and your family, making good coffee is an art form and like all art forms, it requires practice and patience in order to be perfect.

There are many factors that influence the taste our daily cups of java and we should be aware of them so that our coffee is always the morning boon to vitality and energy that it is meant to be. The proper brewers and accessories are of course important but they alone are not the answer to making good coffee.

What are some tips for making good coffee every time?

1- Use good-tasting water

Ninety percent of coffee is water and if you usually don’t drink the tap water in your area, you shouldn’t make coffee with it. For best tasting results, use fresh, clean, cold filtered or bottled water to make your next pot of coffee. Always avoid distilled or softened water.

2- Use good quality coffee and fresh grinds

Always use freshly roasted and freshly ground coffee. Grind the proper amount and only grind as much coffee as you will immediately use. Coffee containers are airtight specifically because once they are exposed to the air, there’s maybe a two-week grace period before they begin to go stale. Also, the selected grind must be of the correct fineness for the chosen brewing method.

3- Measure twice, but brew once

This comes from the old carpenter’s axiom, “measure twice and cut once.” A safe rule of thumb is to use 2 tablespoons per cup of ground coffee. More will result in bitter coffee and less with watery coffee. Use a measuring spoon so that there is no room for human error.

4- Clean your coffee-maker

To avoid a mineral build-up that can seriously alter the taste of your coffee, clean your coffee-maker regularly. For best results, clean it by using a solution of half water and half white vinegar. Run it once under the tap using only the water, which will rinse out the vinegar.

5- Never reheat your coffee

Making good coffee means never reheating it. Coffee that is reheated is kind of like passion that has dwindled. It has no flavor is just sitting there. Better make a new pot and start all over again. (That advice goes for the passion too.)

Although coffee has always been produced in many different countries of the world, in recent years it has become more and more popular in Nepal where it is grown in 39 districts of the country’s middle hills region, which offers amenable climatic conditions and relative humidity. Coffee in Nepal has become a lucrative crop of great environmental importance.

In conclusion, always remember that you must strive to never make a cup of coffee that will make you or someone you are making good coffee for remark as Abraham Lincoln once did: “if this is coffee, bring me tea and if this is tea, please bring me coffee!”

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