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Famous New York City restaurants

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Dining in New York City spans the spectrum from ho-hum to extraordinary.
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Here is a list of 20 New York City restaurants, famous for cuisine and ambiance.

There are so many famous New York restaurants, that one mere article could never hope to cover them all. From the New York Times to the Statue of Liberty, The Metropolitan Museum, Grand Central Station, Times Square, SoHo and Fifth Avenue, New York is laden with icons and teems with excitement at every turn.

A vital part of this multicultural explosion is a vast array of cuisine designed to please every ethnic soul, budget and refined palate. This article gives a list of New York City restaurants that are famous not just for their location but also for unique cuisine, ambiance, service and reputation.

20 Famous New York Restaurants

1.  Daniel is situated at 60 East 65th Street. This fine dining establishment specializes in creative French cuisine. Expect course prix-fixe at around $96 (USD). Enjoy Italian Renaissance décor and impeccable service.

2.  Gramercy Tavern focuses on premier service and delicious American fare. Reservations are not required but recommended for faster service. It's located at 42 East 20th Street near Broadway and Park Avenue.

3.  Grand Central Oyster Bar features an engaging open kitchen, a vibrant atmosphere and mouth-watering seafood.

4.  At Hard Rock Café International, it's not the price that is grand (you might eat a full meal for $20 or under), but the atmosphere that is among the best of New York City restaurants. Rock memorabilia and music enlivens the setting, while over-sized hamburgers are a specialty on the American cuisine menu. Discover this casual, classic restaurant between 7th Avenue and Broadway.

5.  Kang Suh is a Korean restaurant that specializes in barbecue, cooked Korean-style. Kang Suh is located in Korea Town and stays open 24 hours.

6.  La Grenouille specializes in French cuisine and offers a classic, upscale atmosphere. Situated between 5th Avenue and Madison, this fine restaurant requires reservations.

7.  Le Cirque specializes in fine French cuisine. Located at the Palace Hotel at 455 Madison Avenue, this fine dining establishment requires reservations, and boasts a steller reputation among afficionados of New York City Restaurants.

8.  Lutece is a fine restaurant showcasing French classical cuisine. Reservations are required.

9.  Odeon in Tribeca features steak-frit and cocktails among its specialties. Neon lights on the outside and boisterous atmosphere inside are a part of this dining experience that is moderately priced for New York City restaurants. It's situated at 145 W Broadway.

10.  One If By Land, Two If By Sea marries a dimly-lit carriage house decor and warm fireside ambiance with live piano music to set the scene for romantic dining. Locate this restaurant at 17 Barrow Street.  

11.  Russian Tea Room is more famous for its opulent décor than for its food. Situated at 150 West 57th Street, this restaurant is so iconic among New York restaurants that most tourists have to try it at least once so they can say "been there, done that."

12.  Sardi's offers American Contine

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