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This man needs an everyday watch
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What is the best everyday watch to go with everything you wear for all occasions

Turn on any oldies radio station and within ten minutes you’ll probably hear the band Chicago asking the question, “Does anybody really know what time it is?” I know it’s ten minutes because I wear a good everyday watch --  every day. I’m of the age that still lifts a wrist when someone asks me for the time. I don’t like changing watches when I come home from work and head out into the yard or change clothes to go out on the town, so I chose an everyday timepiece that looks good for all occasions. No matter what your ‘everyday’ looks like, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a watch for it.

A good everyday watch should be neutral to the occasion – looking good with Friday casual or Saturday night formal. Stainless steel watches are the best when it comes to being fashionable with anything, as silver blends well with any color shirt or coat. The simple style of stainless steel watches means they won’t be out of place at the supermarket and their rugged durability means they can be on your arm for more strenuous outdoor activities. Avoid watches with jewels – real or fake – because they’ll look gaudy in casual situations. That doesn’t mean your timepiece has to be cheap – a higher-priced stainless steel watch that’s both elegant and simple makes a great everyday watch.

If you prefer wearing an everyday watch with a leather band, look for one that is sturdy yet stylish. Stay away from bright or multi-colored bands - tan or black go with the widest range of fashion colors. Test the buckle to insure that it’s strong enough to handle your rougher activities. For the watch itself, stick with the average or smaller sizes – large watch faces can detract from formal wear and may get in the way when worn for work or outdoor activities. The chronograph style is versatile for work and play and most watch designers make them stylish enough for evening wear. If you prefer a simpler, more stylish watch face, make sure the time is visible for your work and play time too.

The digital watch started out casual but has since become more fashionable as wearers moved away from the traditional two-hands timepiece. Because of their sports roots, many digital watches come with rubber or plastic bands which may not be stylish enough for evening wear. Look for stainless steel or subtle rubber or plastic bands in basic black for versatility, style and durability. Digital watch faces run the gamut, from simple to exotic to something for everyone. Again, avoid oversized digital watches and those loaded with too many features – some things are better left to do on your smartphone.

The watch is one of man’s greatest inventions, allowing us the freedom to move while always knowing the time of day, how long something takes and when we need to do something. The Rolling Stones sang that time is on our side, but it really belongs on your wrist, all day and every day. For that, invest in a good everyday watch.

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