Big and tall western wear

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western cowboy
Belly up to the bar, pardner, and say hello to a filly or two
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Big guys and tall men dressed in western wear just may rope a filly

Pardon me, purdy lady … kin I have this dance? The long, tall drink of water that is the American cowboy may be in short supply these days—unless you find yourself with a case of gold fever, quenched at the local watering hole. There, the only thing frosty is the beer. Usually, one finds a warm atmosphere and friendly folks who are intent on whooping it up over the weekend. Good food and good music are added attractions. Chances are the spot is a lively little dance hall where line dancing is the national pastime. Gals in fancy getups and guys wearing tooled leather boots do the boot-scootin’ boogie, all night long.

Chances are good that the manliest of the good-lookers may sport wide-brimmed hats with touches of snakeskin or turquoise on the hatbands. These are dudes whose personal style leans toward the acquisition of big and tall western wear for weekend pleasures—and also for any casual work place where riding a computer or roping in new accounts is as crucial to success as a good sheep dog.

These are the big and tall modern cowboys who feel at ease in big and tall western wear—apparel items with generous sizing. They oftentimes favor a bandana, vest and shirt made of good old American cotton and highlighted with western snap buttons and a slimming design across the yoke or on the collar. A rough, tough guy with a big-sky smile and a streak of mischief in him might show up any night of the week wearing just such a ranch shirt—and maybe toting on his arm a suede jacket, and a filly or two.

Features to watch for in big and tall western wear

Big and tall western wear encompasses many varieties of wearing apparel but jeans are the swear-by for many genuine cowboys and for weekend cowboys, too. One favorite style of jean is the camp jean—the traditional zipper-fly, hammer-looped, multi-pocketed style. The preferred selection in big and tall western wear is the version that comes with a total of seven pockets, including a side utility pocket. Whether you’re a connoisseur of collectible pocket knives or just need a place to keep your cell phone, this species of camp jeans is a proven winner in big and tall western wear.

Fashion foibles to always avoid

Men who are in the high fives or those six-feet or taller are among those who can stake a claim to ranch shirts, camp jeans and lots of other clothing that looks good and fits good, too. Long gone are the days when guys who are big and tall chose to ignore the fact that their pants were a few inches too short. Up top, they had become complacent about the three- or four-inch gap between their wrists and their sleeves. A nice personality is what they depended upon to carry them through a conversation with a lady—or the trail boss. Today, big and tall western wear is far advanced and the sizes designed to fit just about any man with long legs, long arms or a generous measure of girth around the middle. Big and tall western wear manufacturers of today know they must provide comfort and good looks—an inviting combo. And men desiring the best in big and tall western wear always are on the lookout for bargains.

Big and tall western wear of yesteryear

Farmhands, cowboys, military men and gunslingers of yesteryear are some of the historical figures upon which today’s big and tall western wear fashions are based. A fascinating compendium of information—Cowboys and Gunslingers; Personalities of The West—underscores the theme that the settling of the Old West was a monumental event that influenced many aspects of later life. It surely was the men of the Old West who gave rise to the designs used in today’s big and tall western wear. The cowboy compendium lists name after familiar name. Good men and bad men, too, did their part in the development of this country’s growth.

Black Bart was Charles E. Bolton, a robber who wrote poems
Buffalo Bill was William Cody of the Wild West Show fame
Butch Cassidy was a member of a gang called the Wild Bunch
Wild Bill Hickok was a fontier marshal, gun slinger, gambler
Doc Holiday was a trained dentist, a card sharp and sharp shooter

The names are familiar. The mode of dress made fashion statements for today’s modern man. Some of our forbearers preferred to forego hard work in favor of more gentlemanly pursuits such as gambling and robbing stage coaches or banks. The patchwork of history made a solid foundation for a new land. Big and tall western wear is as good as gold when it comes to dressing today’s buckaroo.

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