Clothing women like on men

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dark mens jeans
Keep it cool with dark jeans and casual sneaks
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These tips on the clothing women like on men can help every guy get noticed

Most women don’t care if men are up on the latest menswear fashion trends, but having an overall sense of style is incredibly attractive. Style is an elusive term though. It’s more about knowing who you are than trying to fit yourself into box filled with the latest trends. 

The clothing women like on men varies dramatically depending on age, personality and lifestyle. The content of your closet changes over time as men's clothing reflects everything from the region you live in and the type of work you do, to the types of activities you enjoy.

First, a few basics: Not every fellow can pull off skinny jeans nor should he try. The same goes for skinny ties, fedoras, hipster glasses and any other fad that just won’t die.

Whether you’re on a date or hanging out with friends the important thing is put a little effort into your appearance. This means ironing dress shirts and slacks if needed. Tee shirts with holes in them aren’t going to make any gal swoon.

There are two sides to every piece of advice. Remember there’s a world of difference between putting in a little effort to look clean and trying too hard - just say 'No' to super tight shirts. You should also feel comfortable in what you wear, but not so comfortable that sweatpants become your new home.

Fashion tips for men


For better or worse, clothing women like on men starts with the shoes. Athletic sneakers may catch the eye of an athletic girl, but unless you’re at the gym they say you’re a minimal effort guy. Be comfortable and stylish in casual street sneakers in a dark color to go with jeans.

Dress shoes are practical and imply you’re a professional with his act together. Leather loafers may be most impressive of all. They’re sexy and go with almost anything. Your go-to pairs should be kept clean and polished when needed.


All men look good in straight leg jeans provided they fit right – not too baggy and definitely not skin tight. Good jeans show your casual, relationship material side, and the best part is they don’t have to be new. Older, faded jeans say you’re not a perfectionist or control freak that bails with the first fight.

Pair jeans with tee shirts, solid sweaters, nice button downs or flannels. Denim is fine to wear on a first date as long as you’re not off to the finest restaurant in town, but choose your darkest pair.


Slacks are a staple in many professionals’ wardrobes, but pleats on the front of pants are an absolute turn-off. Embrace the style of pants with flat fronts and ladies will notice. They’re modern menswear and show your shape without getting clingy or baggy.


Like loafers, sweaters give men a sensual, cozy look, but you can only wear them for a few months of the year. Plenty of shirt styles look great on men. You can layer up with a fitted (but not too tight) long-sleeve tee and a pullover sweatshirt or open jacket in spring.

Tee shirts are perfect for summer. We know you have your sentimental favorites, but wear them in moderation. Solid colors, simple patterns and concert shirts are attractive as long as they’re clean and not wrinkled. At night, dress it up with a button down short-sleeve shirt.


A simple black belt or basic watch helps tie a sharp outfit together. Keep it simple in the accessories department because less is definitely more.

The truth is that the clothing women like on men most is whatever makes them feel confident and like themselves. Avoid fashion that feels like a costume, and pay attention to what people compliment you on. When a girl says you look good in a certain color she really means it, and most likely other women will agree.

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