Wearing no underwear? Fashion tips for men

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Whoops! Perhaps going commando isn't such a good idea after all.
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Wearing no underwear may be traditional, but risky

Your mother will tell you that you should wear underwear all the time, and it should be decent looking in case you are in a car wreck. Youíve all heard that one (especially the women).

However, your mother isnít you, and she probably isnít aware that your best option is wearing no underwear, or "going commando" on occasion. Maybe even all the time. She doesnít need to know.

The primary reason that guys shouldn't wear no underwear is that bare skin rubbing against clothing spreads germs and sweat onto clothing and vice versa. This won't be hygienic. Furthermore, wearing underwear is definitely more discreet.

It is wise to wear fashionable underwear when flitting around town in a kilt. One strong breeze and youíre going to be showing off your manhood to the whole world. 

Wear clean underwear if you choose to wear them at all. When you sweat this stains your underwear just like the sweat from your armpit stains t-shirts. If you canít get your underwear really white -- toss them out. Consider this a shopping opportunity.

Are you a fan of sagging pants? Do you coordinate your underwear to the rest of your clothing, with the intention of your pants hanging too low? This may come as a surprise to some of you but the public ó you know, those people you pass on the street or stand in line with at the grocery store ó really don't want to see your underwear.

Show your underwear off when in the boudoir, not when youíre strolling down Main Street. 

When underwear shopping, and, yes, you should do this occasionally ó donít count on momís annual Christmas offering of undies to last you through the year ó you have three main options: boxers, briefs and tight (but stretchy) boxer shorts.

Survey says!

According to The Ultimate Underwear survey, men have definite preferences when it comes to their underwear.

The underwear that guys wear most often is boxer briefs (44 %). Boxer shorts came in second (36%) and briefs came in third (33%). However, 19% of those polled wear nothing at all. Twelve percent opts for a jockstrap, whereas 18 percent wear a thong. Sixteen percent goes for bikinis and four percent wear tengas.

If the guy is setting out to impress someone he wears boxer briefs. His next choice is briefs followed by a thong or nothing at all. 

The underwear you choose should be the style and type that are most comfortable. Briefs are versatile and do the job no matter what you are engaging in but there are times that you should ďair outĒ the genital area. Either go commando at night or wear loose fitting boxers when you sleep. 
Another option, the boxer brief, provides coverage and enough support to see you through an intense workout session, but itís also comfortable.

Some people consider briefs out-dated but if you like them, wear them. If you sit all day long at work, briefs are the most comfortable because they stay in place and form to your butt. However, if the briefs are too tight this can cut off your circulation. Sometimes the elastic on the briefs is simply too unyielding around the waist or thighs. Either get a bigger size or opt for a different style that isnít as constricting.

Loose boxers are, indeed, comfortable, particularly while you are sleeping, but they donít provide any support. Donít wear them when you are working out, or if you have to sit all day long. On the other hand, a tight boxer will provide good support, fit your thighs well, form to your body and stay in place. 

The next time you get a chance, go on a little shopping spree and check out the various types of menís underwear. Buy one of each kind. Try them out on a day when you arenít going to work and if they are miserably uncomfortable, you can take them off and arenít stuck in them all day. Ask your significant other which s/he prefers. You might be surprised.

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