Why popcorn is the best snack

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Here's why popcorn is the best snack to enjoy any time

It has some fierce competition, but popcorn rules the snack aisle. Since childhood, itís the go-to treat for movie nights, as well as parties. The rich aroma of a freshly popped bowl is completely intoxicating. When you smell it, you want it pure and simple.

Why is the pull so strong? 

Flavor City

The real truth behind why popcorn is the best snack is simple: it tastes good. When are you not in the mood for something that tastes good? Itís also substantial, which means youíre not filling your body with empty calories.

A bowl of delicious gourmet popcorn raises the bar on what can be expected from a snack. If youíve never tried a specialty pop corn store's always-craved caramel cheddar style, put it on the must-taste list. And chocolate lovers? Drizzle dark chocolate over fluffy popped kernels and you may never settle for anything else again.

With such a solid foundation of flavor, DIY gourmet tricks are many. Sprinkling a pinch of sea salt on top brings out its natural sweetness. A few drops of olive oil infused with rosemary or thyme pack a savory punch Ė these days you may also want to try oh-so-trendy coconut oil for an even healthier version. Top it with a spoon of parmesan cheese and youíll be licking the bowl. 

Complement a healthy diet with a colorful twist on trail mix and you get a perfect snack for the office. Sprinkle a little chocolate powder on top and mix with dried cranberries and roasted almond slithers. 

Affordable and healthy

Never underestimate the value of a healthy snack thatís also affordable. Many people would love to eat healthier, but healthier foods usually cost more and when youíre on a budget itís a struggle. A bag of kernels is either comparable or costs less than a bag of chips and you get way more nutritional bang for your buck.

According to researchers, popcorn is loaded with fiber and antioxidants, more so than any other snack. Compared to all plant foods, including fruit, it also has the highest amount of polyphenols. Polyphenols are a natural chemical that neutralize free radicals in the body, which speed signs of aging and damage healthy cells.

Itís also a whole grain. Thatís yet another reason why popcorn is the best snack. Whole grains are exactly what the doctors are ordering for healthy diets. The less processed the grain, the better.

Easy to make

Remember making it in the air popper as a kid? You load in the kernels, position a bowl to catch them and turn it on. Then all thatís left to do is watch magic happen as those hard brown kernels fly out hot white and fluffy, not to mention tasty. 

Or maybe yours was a stove top family? Maybe you recall gathering in the kitchen,  shuffling and shuffling until at last the foil rose to its bursting point? The anticipation of that first handful!

Perhaps the microwaveable bags are the easiest kind to make. Simply put them in right-side up and be mindful not to burn yourself on the steam. The sound of it popping is one of lifeís simple comforts. You know youíre going to enjoy what happens next Ė eating and sharing.

The real thing

There are countless reasons why popcorn is the best snack and none of them has to do with fancy packaging or slick marketing. Letís review: Popcorn is a nutritional powerhouse that satisfies hunger, saves money. It's super easy to make and tweak to your liking, and always fun to share. Gourmet popcorn is the perfect gift to order online and send to everyone on your list, for every occasion, from birthdays to holidays.

Unlike many other trendy foods that have come and gone, this one is here to stay.

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