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Camping gear survival for first time campers

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De-stress with a camping adventure!
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Head to the great outdoors for your next vacation

Sleeping under the wide, open sky. Gazing at that stars without a roof over your head. America has romanticized the camping experience. And why not?  Camping is a great way to get away from the stresses of the office, the noise of the streets, and the lights of the city.  Take a relaxing plunge into the wilderness, if only for a weekend.

Not your cup of tea? Nonsense. Camping has become a great hobby, with many different types of campsites to suit any camper's needs.  Not to mention, camping is a great way for the whole family to enjoy a vacation for cheap. First time camper?  No problem. Just follow these easy steps for camping gear survival and you'll be well on your way to camping paradise.

Finding a tent:

Having a good camping tent will be a big part of your camping experience. You don't want to be stuck with a tent that's too small for your needs. Tents come in all shapes and sizes from the modest one-person tent to the massive 10+ person tent. If you will be able to find a big enough tent is not the question, but if you can find the right tent for you.

When searching for a tent, keep in mind that there's enough room not just for people to sleep, but also to keep your camping gear inside. If a sudden rain breaks out, wet gear can put a huge damper on your trip. Speaking of sudden rain, make sure that your tent has a rain fly that extends over the doorway. Staying dry is one of the many priorities in camping gear survival.

Sleeping arrangements:

You have your tent, and now you need a comfortable sleeping area. Put a tarp on the ground before pitching your tent. This will keep any unwanted moisture off the ground from sneaking into your tent. No one likes to wake up to a damp sleeping bag. To make your sleeping bag more comfortable, try placing it on top of a foam mattress pad.

Don't feel shy about using an air mattress. If you don't get a good night's sleep, even the most magnanimous sights you see while exploring the next day won't make your camping experience any better. Sleep is important; use an air mattress to get rid of your aches and pains.

Storing your food:

Bring food that's easy to cook; meals that can be made in one pan are the best. Most camping sites have fire pits, so bring a grill grate to place over the pit if you feel like getting fancier with your cooking. Bring an ice chest to store food that needs to be kept cold, and using ice packs instead of ice will keep your food from getting wet when the ice melts.

Even though some camping sites have many amenities (such as bathrooms, showers, and small stores), don't let that fool you, you're still outdoors. All wild animals around camping sites have one thing in common: they want your food scraps. Keep the food you're not using in the trunk of your car. It will keep the critters away and protect your food. 

Picking out your clothes:

Even if you're camping in the summer, make sure you bring a sweatshirt. The weather can change suddenly even within a few days, or the nights can be colder than expected--and you won't be close enough to your home to get a new change of clothes. Make sure that you bring clothes for different types of weather when planning your camping gear survival. You never know when the next heat wave will hit or when that rainstorm will push in.

Odds and ends:

Easily forgotten camping essentials are items such as: sunscreen, bug repellant, hats, flashlights, wet wipes, garbage bags, and games for entertainment -- even beauty essentials. Also remember that whatever you bring with you, you also take it when you leave. This includes all garbage. Keep in mind the animals that live in the area you're visiting--clean up your trash.

Camping can seem like a daunting experience for someone who has not yet experienced the thrill of living outdoors, if only for a few days. Being prepared for your first camping trip is easy and will ensure that your first camping trip is one you'll remember for a long time to come--for all of the right reasons.

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