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Elk hunting tips

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Elk in the wild
Not one step closer. This means YOU!
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Here are some tips to consider when elk hunting

Elk hunting can be done two ways; with an elk-hunting guide or without one. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. For both you need the right equipment and weaponry
One advantage to do-it-yourself elk hunting is that you can go wherever you want without worrying about getting back to camp. That becomes wherever you happen to be when darkness falls. On the darker side, do-it-yourself elk hunting is an endurance test you donít want to fail, especially far away from help and shelter.

It makes more sense that successful elk hunting tips would include using an elk guide at least once. You can learn by watching experienced elk hunters before jumping into the expense and risk of an extended do-it-yourself hunt. 

Donít forget too, that if you succeed at killing an elk, you not only have to haul out your equipment, but you will also have to carry the meat away from the site, which is no easy task for even a few people. You may have to make multiple trips (and friends) to finish the job.

What are some good elk-hunting tips to follow?

1- Pick your location carefully

Do some intense detective work to find your own good places to hunt. This takes some time and be prepared to spend a lot of it by talking to other elk hunters. Some may not want to reveal their elk location secrets, as successful hunters know how to keep a spot to themselves. Many hunters will share general information though, and you should ask many questions and memorize answers, particularly those with clues about elk hunting strategy and locations. 

Write down those elk hunting tips as soon as possible, lest you forget. You might also want to think about joining an online elk-hunting forum to find out more about the best locations for elk hunting.

2- Pick your hunting weapon

Decide if you want to hunt with a bow or rifle. Both have their pros and cons. Bow hunting requires camouflage, but has the advantage of a soundless kill, which means the elk may remain nearby, which is not the case once rifle fire reaches their ears. Hunting effectively with a rifle requires practice in order to avoid wounding the animals, but the time necessary to become good enough to shoot an elk in the vitals with todayís high-powered rifles is less than with a bow. The odds of getting a shot are slimmer when bow hunting elk and there are fewer bow hunters than rifle hunters. 

You must also know your rifle well if you intend to use it. Each firearm has its individual quirks that are only known through long experience with it. Remember too, that ammunition is not interchangeable. Just because two brands may be loaded with the same caliber of bullets doesnít mean they will shoot the same.

3- Never underestimate the importance of hunting gear

The most basic types of essential hunting gear include binoculars, knives, range finders, camouflage clothing, scent control clothing and spotting scopes. In all cases, focus on the moderately and high priced items and avoid the cheap ones. Unfortunately, there are no cutting corners when it comes to big game hunting gear and you need to buy the very best that you can afford.

Elk hunting in Godís country has its rewards and its downsides. Understand these elk hunting tips and follow them for success. Like any skill worth learning, it takes time and skill and practice to hunt elk effectively.

Unfortunately, the elk donít get as much time to practice!

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