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Off road riding techniques

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Learn the right techniques to stay safe
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Off road riding techniques for beginners and pros alike

Whether racing, hanging with friends, or out for your morning jaunt through the woods, off road riders push their limits on motorcycles, dirt bikes, and the lot. In order to be safe, riders need to understand the basics of off road riding techniques before they head to the out of doors courses. In the coming paragraphs, we'll take a look at tips, websites, and best practices for new (and old) riders alike.

General Tips for Riders

The Dirt Soldiers website offers interesting advice from someone who knows and understands the business of racing and outdoor motorcycle adventures. Scoob Lanzendorfer has over 25 years of experience and has a training facility located in Loretto, Pennsylvania. Over the years, he's seen many a rider pull dangerous moves that could have been avoided.

Scoob offers a variety of tips for riders, such as:
  • Watch for low-lying branches, protruding tree roots, and other such environmental factors that could cause a rider to crash or be injured
  • For water crossings, search out the most shallow spot to cross; stand up on the bike when crossing and be sure to look for rocks underneath the surface, too, that could shift a rider's balance
  • For heading over downhill terrain, be sure to stand up and place your weight on the back of the seat if at all possible; as well, don't grab too much of the front brake and watch for changes in leveling that could throw you off the bike
  • For uphill routes, use a steady throttle, try to avoid shifting as you head up, and work to shift your body weight in order to help maintain traction without the need for wheeling

Scoob offers some proper safety tips, as well, for both new and experienced riders alike. Be sure to ride with a friend when you head out into the wilderness. As well, carry some extra food, water, and matches, just in case.

Do bring some extra bike parts and/or tools in case of a breakdown far from civilization. Cell phones and other such supplies won't hurt either. It's all about fun, but a large part of that is safety. Be prepared and you'll be ready for any and all problems that might present themselves.

Proper Position for Riders

2 Wheel Times offers solid motorcycle news, with reviews, and videos for adrenaline junkies and outdoor enthusiasts. In their article on outdoor riding tips for their readers, they cover a wide range of topics.

After the initial bike setup section, author Doug Beyers offers some solid tips for using proper off-road riding techniques which will up the enjoyment factor while keeping the rider as safe as possible on the course or trail.
  • For the attack position, one should be standing with their head over the handle bars and their ankles and knees griping the bike below. One finger should be resting on the clutch lever and another should be on the front brake. The rider should have a slight bend at the hips; they should always (ALWAYS) be aware of their surroundings and looking at the road ahead
  • Always look ahead and be prepared for any eventuality; for racers, speed is paramount, so looking as far down the trail as is humanly possible allows for the rider to see upcoming obstacles (trees, rocks, water, etc.) and plan accordingly
  • Practice sliding your bike in an open area to mimic what it's like during turns; start slow and on a smaller model in the beginning and work your way up toward sliding at higher speeds and on larger bikes

The article goes on to delve into proper sliding practices, cornering, wheeling, brake sliding, and more, for the reader. For more detailed information, head over to the 2 Wheel Times site to learn more from the pros. As always, they say all these tips should be practiced in a controlled environment and with the proper safety gear and supervision necessary to stay safe, while still having fun.

Thus, these off road riding techniques -- in addition to the sites themselves -- can be good starters for those riders looking to get out into nature, start a racing career, or simply head out with friends for an afternoon trek.


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