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Pool heaters for above ground pools

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Extend summer with a warm pool!
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Here are a few things things to know about pool heaters for above ground pools

A pool is a great investment not to mention an excellent way to cool down when it is hot outside and good exercise. Pool heaters are a good way to extend the use time of your pool. There are a few things to consider when deciding on pool heaters for above ground pools.

Look around first

First, why pay full price? Look into stores that sell discount swimming pool supplies, cleaning supplies, accessories and pools so you can compare them in person. There are several different types of pool heaters for above ground pools and in-ground pools. Here we will concentrate on pool heaters for above ground pools.

Itís in the details

Consider the three main types of pool heaters: solar pool heater, heat pump and gas pool heater. They all work differently and have different efficiency and maintenance concerns.

Solar Pool Heater

If you have a few days of sun, you can have the energy to heat your pool.

All you need is your existing pool pump so that the heated water can circulate. Many consumers use a timer and keep their pump running during daylight hours only. Each solar panelís efficiency is based upon the number of BTUís per square foot, so read labels carefully. The more BTUís, the better it heats. There can be a 5% difference between solar pool heater brands.

With the minimal of care, solar pool heaters can last as long as 20 years. This type of heater is recommended for those in northern climates who would like to extend their swimming season.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is best for the swimmer who swims despite the weather. They are also used by therapists and athletes or if, for example, the roof is too small to accommodate a solar panel.

This type of pump can maintain a temperature of about 80-90 degrees regardless of the air temperature as long as the temperature is above 45 degrees. Efficiency varies since heat pumps are not rates like solar or gas heaters, and they require regular maintenance due to their many moving parts. Heat pumps can last up to 10 years on average.

Gas Pool Heater

This is the most expensive heater to operate and the best choice if you want to heat your pool quickly for a party or sudden visitors.

Like the heat pump, the gas pool heater works to heat your water well in any type of weather. This type of heater makes an excellent choice backup heater for a spa or for a pool that is not heated regularly.

Unfortunately, they are not very efficient. As a result, they cost a lot to operate though using natural gas costs approximately 50% less than heating with propane.

Weigh the options 

Pool heaters for above ground pools can help extend your summer swimming time, just choose wisely according to your requirements. Do you want to be able to heat your pool quickly or in the dead of winter, or do you simply want to extend the season a bit on either side of summer?

When it is time to pack up the pool, make sure you know how to close (winterize) a swimming pool so it can be ready to swim in more quickly next year. 

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