50 Birthday party ideas

By Susan Crowley
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Get creative and give your child a memorable birthday party.
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50 Birthday Party Ideas

What did you do for your birthday last year? If you can't remember, this might be the year to jazz up your party. Here are fifty birthday party ideas to get you started:

First Birthday Party Ideas: 1. Dress em' up. Let your baby star as a star- or a sunflower- or a lion- and decorate to match! 2. First-year photos. Show off the best of your five hundred first year photos! Put them on everything from invitations to plates. 3. Children's books. Decorate with your favorite children's books. Have guests bring favorite book to share. 4. Favorite illustrator. Decorate with materials related to your favorite children's book illustrator- Eric Carle, Beatrix Potter, Jane Dyer. 5. Teddy Bear party. Decorate with teddy bears and teddy bear stuff. 6. Kitten party. Kittens are cute, your baby is cute, your baby loves kittens… 7. Puppy party. Puppies are cute, your baby is cute, your baby loves puppies… 8. Vintage stuffed animal party. Ask uncles, aunts, and grandparents to bring favorite childhood stuffed animals or dolls to baby's first party. Toddler Birthday Party Ideas: 9. Gym party. Rent a gym for an hour or two. 10. Picnic at the park. Find a park with playground equipment and a place for lunch. 11. Cupcake Icing Party. Provide candies and frosting, let guests frost their own cupcakes! 12. Backyard Splash Party. A toddler pool, a slip n' slide, a sprinkler- water fun! 13. Bounce Party. Rent a bouncy castle and jump! 14. Cartoon theme party. Dora the Explorer, Dragon Tales, Blue's Clues… 15. Animal dress-up party. Animal hats/costumes for guests. 16. Train party. Make a train out of cardboard boxes. 17. Princess party. Dress up as princesses and princes. 18. Superhero party. Dress up as superheros. 19. Children's museum party. Enjoy interactive displays with your guests at a local children's museum. 20. Puppet party. Give each guest a hand puppet and let the fun begin! 21. Sand Pile party. Guests dig for treasures in a sand pile, take home bucket and shovel.

Kid's Birthday Party Ideas: 22. Fall bulb party. Guests plant bulbs, take home bulbs as party favors. 23. Spring flower party. Guests plant seeds, take home seeds as party favors. 24. Summer campout. The usual slumber party- with a summer twist! 25. Nature center party. Rent/tour a nearby nature center. 26. Art party. Drawing, ceramic painting, handprints… 27. Pottery party. Learn how to shape clay at a pottery studio. 28. Science party. Learn and party with interactive exhibits at the science center. 29. Scrapbook party. Guests bring photos of the year and make a scrapbook for birthday boy/girl. 30. Pool Party. Rent a pool and jump in! 31. Zoo Party. Get wild with monkeys, tigers, and more. 32. Aquarium Party. Check out starfish, moon jellies, maybe even sharks! 33. Bug Party. Creepy crawlies are fun, educational, and decorative. 34. Cookie Party. Draw frosting pictures on cookies to take home. 35. Ice skating party. Rent some skates and- skate! 36. Pirate party. Everybody dress up as pirates and say "Arrr!"

Teenager's Birthday Party Ideas: 37. Paintball party. Make your friends colorful with paintball. 38. Take a hike. Hit the trail, then picnic on a mountaintop or at an awesome lookout. 39. Spa Party. Put together a home spa with facials, aromatherapy, and more. 40. Waterpark party. Rent/visit a local waterpark and take a wild ride! 41. Watersport party. Hit the lake or beach for a day of wakeboarding, inner tubing, and more. 42. Treasure hunt party. Divide into groups, pile into cars, and go find some treasure. 43. Blog party. Take some goofy pictures and blog about the day! 44. Basketball Party. Divide your friends into teams and show off your best moves. 45. Skateboard Park Party. Grab skateboards and inline skates and head to the skateboard park. 46. BMX bike party. Fly over dirt hills on BMX bikes. 47. Dance party. Rent a space to dance with your friends! 48. Boat party. Take your friends for a mini-cruise on a local lake or saltwater. 49. Whitewater party. Shoot the rapids in a whitewater raft. 50. Out on the town. Dress up and head out for anything from five-star to fast food!

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