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50th Birthday party ideas

By Robin Becker
Info Guru,

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A fiftieth birthday is a special occasion. Make it as memorable as possible.
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Making your fiftieth birthday special

The fiftieth birthday is a big one- half a century, a real landmark. Instead of moping about how old you're getting, why not celebrate? Here are some 50th birthday party ideas to get you started.

A fiftieth birthday makes a perfect occasion for a destination party. If you want to celebrate your birthday at the beach, but you live in the Midwest, get some cheap tickets for your family and fly to the coast. If skiing is your thing, let everyone know they'll be heading to the mountains.

You can even leave the country and fly to Mexico or the Bahamas- international "destination parties" are very popular right now, and travel companies compete to find the best, cheapest, and most exciting destination package for trips and exciting cruises for vacationing groups. Many resorts in popular group party destination areas are used to working with groups that have specific and sometimes unusual requests and will be able to charter you a fishing boat, arrange for your favorite song to be played by a live orchestra at your birthday dinner, deliver a convoy of rented motorcycles to your hotel door- it's your vacation, just ask! Destination vacations are fun and memorable ways to mark important events, and if your kids manage to get together and plan an extended family getaway and give it to you as a fiftieth birthday present, so much the better. You know everyone's going to have fun when your party supplies include masks, fins, and snorkels.

If you can't or don't want to get away, there are plenty of 50th birthday party ideas which focus on celebrating the traditions, people, and places you've come to love in your life. If your dad always spends Friday night at his favorite restaurant, see if you can reserve all or part of it for him and fifty of his closest friends and family members on his birthday. Check with the restaurant management and see what they'll allow you to do to make the night even more special- bring in a live band, put up decorations, make speeches, run a slideshow of Dad Through the Ages. He's one of their most valued customers, and they'll probably be willing to work with you to make his fiftieth birthday memorable.

If your parents don't want to travel or can't get away, think of exciting or unusual activities you could do in your own area. Maybe your Mom has always thought it would be fun to stay at that quaint bed and breakfast just outside of town, or at that luxury hotel with the great view of the coast. Put her and Dad up in the hotel's most luxurious suite for a night or two, send up the masseuse, and throw a party down by the pool. You don't have to go far to have a luxurious mini-vacation.

Good 50th birthday party ideas can include an element of "wish fulfillment." Think of an activity your Mom has always wanted to do (if you can't think of anything, ask) and offer to do it with her. If she's always wanted to learn to paint in watercolor, sign up for a class with her- and then design and paint the party invitations together.

If your Dad has always wanted to hike the Pacific Crest Trail or the Appalachian Trail, take a week or two off from work and hike all or part of it with him- he might not be up for it when he's seventy. Invite all his friends and relatives to throw him a surprise birthday party at the park or lodge at the end of the trail- preferably after the two of you has had a chance to shower. Still stuck on what to do? There are countless of creative ideas for birthdays including a 50th, check out what some of our information gurus have to offer. Use your imagination, and think of 50th birthday party ideas you (or your Mom and Dad, if you're planning a party for a parent) would enjoy- you only turn fifty once in your life!

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