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Candle gift ideas go natural

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soy candles
The glow of natural soy candles lends drama to any occasion
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Candle lovers encourage gift ideas that produce light and scent

Nothing sets a scene like the candlelight cast from a natural soy candle. Today’s clean-burning, aromatic soy candles are cherished for the entrancing glow of their soft light and also for therapeutic benefits such as stress relief and energy rejuvenation. Candle gift ideas inevitably progress toward products whose natural benefits include scents that enable today’s soy-based candles to fit any mood or lighting need. Word is spreading about the non-toxic, eco-friendly candles whose soy base happily caresses the essential oils used in their manufacture. Candle gift ideas for any occasion are sure to trigger an intriguing look at choices such as fresh coffee candles, jasmine candles, grapefruit-scented candles and other aromatic delights.

Scented or unscented

Of course, there are times when the benefits of clean-burning soy candles are desired but a distinctive scent might distract from the aroma of something else wonderful—a fancy dinner, for instance. In those cases, unscented soy candles fill the bill when food should take the spotlight. Dinner guests may be better pleased at limiting their scent experiences to the fragrance of apple pies, simmering roast beef or golden, buttermilk biscuits hot out of the oven. When it comes to candle gift ideas, scented or unscented, soy is a joy.

Unusual candle treatments

Safety should always be a consideration when considering candle gift ideas. Think about whether or not there are children in the household. Think about whether pets are present at the recipient’s home. Most soy candles come in attractive jars with deep-set caps. They look especially pretty displayed up high where pets and kids cannot reach. Candles can play a dramatic role if you are thinking about decorating a dining room. They can cheer up a kitchen that’s a little too dark. One simple candle lends a cozy feel to any slightly damp or chilly room.

In a home where there are no such hazards, imagination can run rampant when executing candle gift ideas. Why not set a soy candle in an empty bathtub? It will give the whole room a subtle glow. Why not arrange a line of soy candles in their jars along the border of an outdoor garden when hosting a patio party? They also look great placed at the edge of a swimming pool.  

Benefits of soy candles

Soy candles are made from soy beans—a most versatile living organism. A benefit of deciding upon soy when exploring candle gift ideas is that soy-based candles are natural products. A vessel that contained a soy candle can be washed along with other household dishware and glassware. If a container holding a soy candle is accidentally knocked over, the wax will wipe off easily and leave no stain. Anyone thinking about candle gift ideas will be pleased upon deciding that scented—or unscented—soy candles make the perfect present.

We’ve fled from lead

Few people who are conscious of their health will ever again use the old-fashion paraffin candles so common not long ago. Thank goodness innovations such as soy candles have replaced paraffin in most homes. Paraffin candles often burn with a sooty flame. They often burn unevenly and tend to leak wax onto furniture and rugs. Worst of all, the wicks often are wrapped around a thin lead filament meant to increase burning time, especially in cheap, foreign-made candles.

Among the carcinogenic ingredients released when burning the lead wicks found in some paraffin candles are formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. Inhaling lead—and chemicals—is bad. Therefore, candle gift ideas should never include a plan to purchase old-fashioned paraffin candles—unless perhaps the gift is for an enemy. If the gift is for someone you love, soy is the way to go when it comes to candle gift ideas.

Test your candles for lead wicks

• Collect all your old, used candles
• Snip off the burned material at the tip of the wick
• Press the newly exposed wick with your fingertip
• The feel of a sharp metal thread is a tip-off
• Use of a magnifying glass may be helpful
• Replace those evil candles with soy candles

Decorating with candles

Soy candles answer the call for beauty and functionality and the range of candle gift ideas is endless. There are mood candles whose scents are reminiscent of spring rain, green grass, freshly mown hay and the pine scent of a green forest. There are fragrances whose essential oils evoke memories of baking cookies and picking wildflowers. Considering candle gift ideas for an upcoming occasion? Think of yourself, too. Anybody got a match?

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