Company Christmas dinner activity ideas

By David Pettebone
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Make this year’s office party a memorable, upbeat experience.
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With a little planning, everyone will enjoy the company festivities

Want to avoid a boring company Christmas party? There are many ways to jazz up the office holiday celebrations. These company Christmas dinner activity ideas will help you make this year's event an enjoyable time for all involved.

Change the Location If the company Christmas party is usually held in the office, try changing the location to lighten the mood. Perhaps a local restaurant or bar has a room available for parties. A nearby museum, art gallery, or even bowling alley may also serve as a good ambience change.

Gift Exchange Ask guests to bring a wrapped gift to the party. Set a price limit on the gifts. Then have everyone stand in a circle holding his or her gift. One person stands in the middle and reads a story. Every time the word "right" is read, everyone passes a gift to the right. When the word "left" is read, guests pass gifts to the left. This continues until the story ends. Each person keeps the gift they are holding when the story finishes.

Holiday Gift Grab This game is a variation of a typical gift exchange. Ask guests to bring an unmarked wrapped gift, and tell them to be creative. Acceptable gifts include anything – gag gifts, craft items, movie tickets, wine, etc. As guests arrive, have them place the gifts in one area. Place numbered cards (one for each guest) in a container. Each guest chooses a number. The guest with the number one goes first and selects a gift from the pile. The person holding the card with number two has the option of selecting the first gift or taking one from the pile. If number two takes number one's gift, number one may pick again from the pile. Number three can either take a gift from numbers one or two or choose one from the pile. This continues until the person with the highest number takes his or her turn. You may want to make a theme of the gifts, such as Worst Gifts or Gag Gifts.

Santa Claus Costumes For this activity, gather the following items: red crepe paper or tissue paper, white cotton batting, black construction paper and heavy tape. Divide the guests into teams. Each team chooses one member to be Santa Claus. Hand out a set of supplies to each team. Tell them to use the materials to make a Santa for their team. Set a time limit if needed. Have everyone judge the various Santa Claus costumes. Make a number of categories for more fun. Hand out prizes to the winners.

Play Christmas Pictionary For this game, you'll need two white boards and markers. Write Christmas-related words and phrases on index cards. Divide guests into two teams. Have a member from each team come up and look at the index card. Then have them draw on the white boards to describe the word or phrase. Do not let them use words or numbers. The team that guesses correctly first wins the round. Continue until one team reaches a certain number of points or the cards run out.

Feliz Navidad Try a Mexican theme for the Christmas party. Hang up signs that read "Feliz Navidad" and order Mexican food. Serve margaritas and have a mariachi band for entertainment. This type of party is upbeat and provides a different Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas Trivia Prepare trivia questions and put them in a Power Point presentation. Use a projector to display the questions. Divide guests into teams and have each group create a team name. Keep score on a white board. Display the first question. Designated members from each team provide an answer. The teams that guess correctly earn one point. Continue play until a team reaches a predetermined number of points. Then hand out prizes to the winners.

Create Lasting Memories Hand out cameras or have a professional photographer take pictures of the party. Post the photos on the company bulletin board or on the corporate website. This allows employees to remember the company Christmas party after it is over.

No matter what your company Christmas dinner activity ideas are, remember to keep all behavior at a professional level. Create an upbeat atmosphere and make it a positive experience for the company. If any guests have too much to drink, make sure that proper transportation home is arranged.

Be sure to plan ahead for a great party. Gather a few coworkers together and brainstorm some company Christmas dinner activity ideas. Try to keep things simple in order to avoid extra holiday strain. Remember that the spirit of the season is about sharing enjoyable moments together and having a good time.

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