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Leap! And get your magic show on stage

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Do you dream of performing your magic tricks on a stage before a real audience? Perfect the tricks you want to perform to become a successful magician
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Practice and perseverence are two main things that you need to get on stage.

Becoming a magician with regular performances does not happen overnight. If you're a beginning magician, you might have big dreams of performing to a packed house at your local auditorium. You might also dream of having your own prime time magic special on national television. These are all terrific dreams to have.


Becoming a magician and performing on stage starts with practicing and perfecting your first magic act. Make sure you know your first magic act incredibly well, so there are no flaws. Then gather a few of your closest friends who won't judge you too badly, and perform your magic act for them. After you've done this a few times, you just might be ready to get on stage with your magic show.


Practicing Your Magic Act


Practice is repeating a skill over and over again. When it comes to practicing magic tricks, you're only practicing a specific movement of the trick at a time. You need to perfect each individual part of each trick before putting it all together.

Why You Should Practice


If you want to perform in front of an audience, you want to be good. You don't want to mess up a magic trick because you might lose your credibility. Messing up in the world of magic could mean accidentally revealing the secret of a trick and it might be embarrassing. You want to succeed in your newfound hobby or career. Before you ever get onto a stage, perfect the tricks you want to perform. This is why practice is the most important thing. Practice makes perfect and you need to be perfect.


Practice Your Magic Act by Yourself


When you first learn a trick, you're not going to get it right the first time. You probably won't understand or get the trick right the second time. It could take hundreds of times before you can even do the trick once. Practice alone with nobody around to watch. You don't want anybody seeing you fail at doing a trick. It might make you feel self-conscious and it might also give away the secrets of the tricks.

Split Magic Tricks Up


At first when you practice tricks, it's likely that you will see exactly what parts of the tricks you're doing wrong. Isolate these troublesome parts. Practice the magic tricks by themselves. If it's a flick of the wrist, continuously move your wrist in that manner. If it's holding an object a certain way that's giving you problems, keep trying to hold it that way until it becomes second nature. Practice all the individual parts separately, perfecting each part, before putting it all together as a trick.


Practice in Front of a Mirror


You may find it helpful to practice the tricks in front of a mirror. As a magician, you see the tricks differently than your audience does. It may seem like you've got the tricks down from your angle, but the audience might be getting a glimpse of how it's being done. Cover all your angles of your magic show. Don't give anything away.


Getting Your Gigs


When you're ready to get on stage with your magic show, start advertising that you can perform for children's birthday parties or family gatherings. You will likely get your first few gigs that way.


When you are ready to try your hand at performing for a large performance at your local auditorium, contact local groups that might hire you to perform at such a venue. This could be your first sizable break. You will probably have to give a private performance in front of a decision maker before you would actually be hired, so be prepared to impress the right people.


You may find that you can make even more money by renting out an auditorium or hall and selling tickets to your performances. Be ready to advertise your performance to maximize your show results.

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