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Sophisticated Halloween party ideas for adults

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Halloween theme ideas
Halloween theme ideas
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Halloween party ideas for throwing a scary bash for adults

These days, Halloween parties aren't only for kids. In fact, there may be more adult Halloween parties out there these days than kid versions! We've put together some Halloween party ideas for you to throw a great party this scary season. So, gather up some party supplies and get ready for a very scary evening.

Halloween Cocktails

When it comes to adult parties, it's almost a given that there will be drinking involved, but why just run to the local liquor store and pick up a keg? For a Halloween party, you should be much more creative. Make drinks that fit in with the spirit of Halloween like a Bloody Mary or with a themed party like Shirley Temples. We've already put together a great collection of Halloween cocktail ideas that you can use for your holiday party.

Halloween Games

If you want your party to be more than just a bunch of people sitting around sipping drinks and talking, you need some games. Go ahead and let your inner-kid come out and play! There are plenty of Halloween-themed games out there, or you can make up your own. Games like a Halloween version of hide and seek, Halloween Pictonary and a new twist on bobbing for apples are some of the ideas you'll find in our article about Halloween-themed games you can have at your party.


There's one thing for sure about a Halloween party that sets it apart from other adult parties. Costumes! It's a given that your guests should be coming dressed for the occasion. You can do it haphazardly and simply let each guest do their own thing, or you can add some extra spice to it by having a themed party.

Here are some ideas for party themes this holiday season:

-Scary Theme: Everyone has to dress like a ghost, goblin, ghoul or other monster.

-Fun Theme: Everyone dresses in fun outfits like clowns, cartoon characters, etc.

-Movie Theme: Guests will all dress like movie characters. Be it Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean or Sheriff Woody from Toy Story, it's all about movies.

-Specific Story Theme:  Your guests could dress like characters from those Pirates or Toy Story movies, or from other specific movies or books.  Star Wars, Titanic, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings... You name it.

-Headwear: This one is for those stoic groups who aren't as likely to let their hair down, so to speak. Everyone must wear some type of headgear. It can be as simple as a cowboy hat, or as wild as a monster mask, faces from the rock group Kiss or a knight's helmet, but everyone must have something on his or her head other than hair.

-Sexy Theme: Since it's an adult party, you may want to consider a party where everyone wears something sexy. There are plenty of hot and sassy costumes out there along these themes, or you can make your own.

-Era Theme: Have everyone dress from the same era. Be it, the flappers and zoot suits of the 20's, The nerdy or leather jacket looks of the 50's, the hippie look of the 60's or any other era, this is a fun theme for a costume party.



Sure, you've got the great drinks prepared, some fun games planned and a fantastic theme for the costumes, but to really go all out, you need to have the decorations in order too. You can simply go with the more common Hallow's Eve colors of orange, black and purple and the random spider web, but you can also carry on your party's theme with decorations to match the movie, era or other theme you'll have at your party.

There are lots of places where you can get seasonal decorations for your event either on a budget or you can really go all out and have a blowout party, but for your party to be a smash, you need to do more than let people walk in the door. Have a blast! You only get to do this sort of thing once a year at the most. Go in with one or two others who can share the expense and decide who's house to have it at.

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